I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

A Day in the Life 6: Happy 2017 Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great New Year. Mine started off with an unexpected trip to the ER, but I’m totally fine. I could have done without the visit, but I guess it’s good to just get that out of the way for the year.

I’m hoping to post more food adventures for you 2017. I got too selective on what I wanted to post last year which limited the number of things I wanted to talk about.

My friend, Bria, told me how she had soaked a bunch of gummy bears in vodka and naturally I needed to try this. I didn’t have vodka on hand so used apple flavored sake instead. Those gummy bears were nice and chubby after a few days. They tasted pretty good. You could barely taste the alcohol, which could be dangerous.

Anyway, I hope to have something for you to read soon!

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