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A Tasty Tails Lunch

My sister came into town this weekend so that we could celebrate my brother’s birthday. She couldn’t come on the actual date but it was great that she could come this weekend. 

Trying to decide what to eat is typically a no brainer for us. We normally do the same old thing for family luncheons. Korean barbecue. However, my brother who is going to school in the north east wanted something that he can’t get up there. Cajun style crawfish. 

So we drove down to Richardson and had lunch at Tasty Tails. Now buying crawfish, clams, crabs and shrimps by the pound is not cheap. We actually spent close to $150 for lunch, but it’s once in a while and it was so good. Plus it was a birthday lunch. 

We had to start with a dozen raw oysters. It’s said that you should only eat oysters in the months with a letter “r” and fortunately for us these babies in January proved to be delicious. I don’t know how true that is. Do you know?

We ordered 2 pounds of clams in the semi-spicy sauce. This isn’t a great picture, but the clams were fresh and super juicy. Clams are one of my absolute favorite things to eat so my hand was in this bag a lot. 

My dad doesn’t like to eat things that are hard to get into so he got the soft shell crab basket with sweet potato fries. Those are some decent size soft shell crabs. I got to have a piece and it was delicious. It came with tarter sauce, but I dipped my piece in the semi-spicy sauce that came with the clams. 

Here is what we came for. Crawfish. We ordered 3 pounds of crawfish in semi-spicy sauce. The sauce was perfect for us. Not mild, but not so spicy that you couldn’t enjoy your food. It was the right level of heat. 

It’s not yet peak time for crawfish so the crustaceans were on the small side. It was still delicious, but you should get larger crawfish from March through May. 

We also got a pound of shrimps and a pound of snow crab. My hands were way too dirty to fish out my iPhone so I didn’t get any pictures to share with you unfortunately. 

So, if you’re in the mood for Cajun seafood or crawfish boil go check out Tasty Tails. They have lots of amazing items on their menu. 

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