I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Artin’s Shrimp & Grits

Being from the South I think you’re supposed to like grits by default. Except, I really don’t enjoy it all that much. My friends Haley and Nikki love grits with butter. Not me though. It kind of tastes like salty paste to me…

Anyway, when I saw the Cajun Style Gulf Shrimps at Artin’s Grill I couldn’t resist ordering it. The description pretty much sold me. Blackened grilled gulf shrimps, white cheddar grits and creole sauce. Cheese makes everything better and I knew that if there was cheddar in these grits I was going to love it. Well, like it at least.


sn’t this the prettiest dish you’ve ever seen? Look at those big juicy shrimps. This dish smelled amazing. you may think that five shrimps may not be enough, but the grits and sauce are pretty rich so it’s plenty. The shrimps were cooked perfectly. Not overcooked at all.


I’m not sure what the green stuff on top is. I think it’s deep fried parsley. I added a little bit with each bite and it was delicious.


The grits were amazing. These grits did not taste like salty paste. It was incredibly cheesy and creamy. The creole sauce added another layer of flavor to the grits that pretty much put it over the top. I could have eaten the grits by itself to tell you the truth, but why waste the gorgeous shrimps that came with it.

The Cajun Style Gulf Shrimp was so delicious that I ordered it again for lunch the next day. That’s how AMAZING I thought this dish was. Cheese really does make things taste better. I LOVED THIS DISH.

I really wish I could order this right now actually. You should order this baby too.

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