I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Basera Indian Cuisine for Rik

Rik retired last week. It seems everyone is retiring these days. Of course that means that we went on another retirement lunch. Unlike Tom who wanted Texas barbecue, Rik is a super healthy eater and for a minute there I thought we were going to a vegan restaurant.

I was pleasantly surprised when he said that he wanted to go to an Indian restaurant. There are plenty of Indian restaurants in this area so Rik had a few to consider. After tossing around a few names he decided on Basera Indian Cuisine. The great thing about a lot of the Indian restaurants is that they do buffet for lunch. For a lot of us who are not as familiar with Indian cuisine a buffet is great. You get to try a little bit of everything.


The naan came to the table fresh and warm out of the oven. The bread was delicious. It was light and chewy. To me that’s perfect because I’ve had naan that was thick and dense, which was not my cup of tea since I’m not a bread kind of girl.


This is the vegetarian buffet. There’s aloo fry, vegetarian Biryani, paneer curry, spicy okra and other vegetarian dishes. The aloo fry or potato fry was very good. The seasoning was on point and dare I say that it kind of reminded me of cajun seasoned fries.


Here’s a shot of the vegetarian buffet from the other side. I apologize that I cannot tell you what these dishes are. I do know that the fried donut was delicious. It was hot, fluffy and soaked up sauces really well. I’m not sure if that’s how you’re supposed to eat them, but that’s how I roll.


This is the non-vegetarian buffet. These two options (fish fry and chili chicken) were so good. I really loved the chili chicken, but due to the need to try most of the dishes offered I only got two pieces. I really should have gone back for more. The dish to the right is mutton curry. It was really tasty, but a little hard to eat since the meat was on the hone. I was trying to use utensils, but finally gave up and just used my fingers.


The chicken tikka masala is obviously the main attraction. Just look at that vibrant red color. The color should have been an indication of how spicy the dish was. I’ve had tikka masala before, but this is the first time that I’ve had it as spicy as it was. In fact most of the saucy dishes at Basera were spicy.


As you can see I got a little bit of everything. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach, but when you’re at a buffet how can you not try it all? I did manage to eat most of everything that was on my plate.


The tandoori chicken was good. It wasn’t dry at all and had good flavor. I ate the chicken with the biryani and then with the naan. Delicious.


I really enjoyed the Chicken Dum Biryani. The chicken cooked with the basmati rice was totally “m” word. The biryani was delicious and I wish I had gotten more of it, because it was went so well with the curries.


The option at the bottom of the picture is the chicken curry. This dish was way too spicy for me. Aside from setting my tongue on fire I had to eat the chicken with my fingers. Like the mutton the chicken was on the bone and it was hard to eat with utensils.

Overall, I think the dishes at Basera were pretty good. I do think a lot of the dishes were way too spicy for someone like me. I wish it wasn’t as spicy as it was, but then again maybe that’s the beauty of this restaurant. The spice level could be a sign of authenticity. If that’s true then they win. I think the next time I eat at Basera I will order off the menu. Maybe I’ll have the opportunity to determine the spice level.

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