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Boiling Wok – All About Hot Pot

My friend Yue told me about a new hot pot restaurant that had opened up in Carrollton. The restaurant is in an area that I’m super familiar with, but since it’s literally hidden behind Daiso so I had no idea it was there!

The restaurant is called Boiling Wok. It’s located on the South East corner of Old Denton and George Bush, behind Daiso and Ranch 99. Unlike the typical communal pot of broth that you get at Little Sheep, for example, you can get your own personal pot at Boiling Wok.

Let me make it clear that you do not have to get your own hot pot. You can absolutely share, because one pot can feed four people. My parent’s and I made the delightful mistake of ordering individual pots. Way too much food, but oh so good for this blog!


Unlike other hot pot restaurants you don’t choose ingredients to go with your pot of broth. At Boiling Wok you pick the type of broth that you want and all the ingredients are already included. I love how you get a choice of Asian flavors. Korean, Thai, Japanese and Szechuan. They do have a small option of ingredients that you can add to the pot, but it’s not really needed with all the ingredients that already come with it. Do you see all the choices? It was so hard for us to choose the ones we wanted.


Before we get to the hot pots let me tell you about the three different dipping sauces they offer. Let’s start counter clock wise. The first sauce is like smoked chili peppers in oil. I would guess that it’s a Szechuan sauce, because it reminds me of the peppercorns and hot oil. The light color sauce was my favorite. Now I don’t know what any of them are so these are just guesses, but this one tasted like miso and sesame. It wasn’t spicy at all despite the color. It was my favorite for sure. I used this one the most. The last sauce is a light and sweet soy sauce. It was very delicate. I liked it, but since it was less robust than the other two I didn’t use it as much.


Here are the hot pots that we ordered! Don’t they look amazing? My dad ordered the Japanese Miso, mom ordered Szechuan Spicy and I got the Thai hot pot. Each pot comes with a choice of egg noodles, vermicelli, udon or rice. My dad got udon while mom and I got vermicelli.


The Japanese Miso Hot Pot comes with pork slices, cabbage, choy sum, udon, enoki mushrooms, clams, fish balls, fish fillet, Maitake mushrooms, crab, fried tofu skin, soft tofu, oysters, mussels, egg and green onions. The broth in this one was delicious! It was not exactly a shabu shabu broth. It has hints of nabe and ramen broth. My dad is not a spicy kind of guy so this one was perfect for him. It was rich with a slight sweetness to it.


This is the Szechuan Spicy Hot Pot. This comes with cabbage, choy sum, sliced beef, vermicelli, tempura, enoki mushrooms, clams, oysters, fish balls, cuttlefish, pork intestines (oh my), fried tofu skin, Maitake mushrooms, tofu, green onions and cilantro. This broth was spicy, but it’s the kind that builds up. It starts off with a kick, but not too bad. The more you eat it the more your mouth feels like it’s on fire. It was really good. The broth was super robust and this would be a great option during the winter. This pot is probably the most traditional Chinese one.


This is the Thai Hot Pot. I ordered this one and I thought it would be like Thai Suki, which is what Thai hot pot is. I was surprised when they brought me the pot and I discovered that it was basically tom yum. It was a pleasant surprised for sure. This pot has sliced pork, vermicelli, cabbage, choy sum, lemongrass, enoki mushrooms, cuttlefish, fish balls, clams, oysters, crab, shrimps, octopus, Maitake mushrooms, fried tofu skin, egg and cilantro. This hot pot was so good. It reminded me so much of my favorite Thai ramen that has creamy tom yum broth.

In all three hot pots they give you so much protein it’s not even funny. The pork and beef slices made up half of the ingredients. There was so much pork in mine that I didn’t even finish it all which is a real shame.


Each person is given a small bowl to put a small helping of the hot pot in. By doing this you are cooling down the food so that you don’t burn your mouth. It’s also more manageable to eat in small portions rather than trying to tackle the whole pot yourself.


The best part of the hot pot is this tempura hard boiled egg! It was such a surprise. I thought it was a very large fried fish ball until I cut it in half. The creaminess of the egg yoke with the spicy broth was so good. I’m still thinking about it.


I love this restaurant so much. I love the different options that they offer and I cannot wait to go back. The next time we go we won’t be getting individual hot pots that’s for sure. None of us finished our pots and it was such a waste of food. We will definitely be sharing next time.

So, if you’re a fan of hot pot or would like to try it I highly recommend Boiling Wok! You have your choice of flavors and depending on your tastes I’m sure you’ll find the best pot for you.

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