Eating in Houston 2 – Snail Eating “ăn ốc”

One of my favorite things to do is veg out and watch food vlogs on YouTube. Some of my favorite episodes involve YouTubers that travel to Vietnam and eat snails or ốc.

In Vietnam they have these restaurants that are dedicated to snails and shellfish, which I happen to think is an amazing combination. I LOVE shellfish and have only had escargots once, but the thought of having a meal made up on different types of snails and shellfish sounds awesome to me.

Well, in Houston there is a restaurant called One Hot Pot & Grill that I found on Yelp that has snails on their menu. I thought to myself- this is it. You’re finally going to get to try out some ốc! Despite my stomach issues I was super excited.

One Hot Pot & Grill had a large selection of snails and shellfish on their menu and it was hard not to order all of them. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach that night. My sister and I treated it like a once in a life time experience and just ordered what we wanted.

These are grilled ark shells with crispy shallots and green onions. It really reminded me of blood cockles, which I absolutely love. It came with salt and pepper, chili paste, lime and fish sauce for added flavor. The grilled ark shells were really good. I wished that I had some Thai “seafood sauce”, which is mostly made from lime juice, fish sauce, garlic and Thai chilis. It would have put this dish over the top.

This was the grilled cherry stone clams which was prepared the same way as the ark shells. I didn’t realize they were pretty much the same dish just with different shellfish. These clams were pretty good, but a little too chewy. I’m not sure if it was because it was over cooked or if that’s how they normally are.

This dish was one of the ones that I was most excited to try. I see food vloggers eating this in Korea, Japan, Vietnam and pretty much all over that part of the world. I’ve never tried it so I was really looking forward to it. This is a type of sea snail. I do not know what the name of it is, but in order to eat it you have to carefully pull the little critter out of it’s windy shell.

Here is the sea snail out of it’s shell. It’s pretty big and looks off putting, but you know that it went right into my mouth. I’m not sure if I can describe what it tasted like. It had a neutral taste to it. It did have it’s own unique flavor, but it was really mild. All you’re getting is the texture which was soft and slightly chewy. I really liked this sea snail and enjoyed dipping it in the fish sauce that came with it. The sauce was pretty much where all the flavor came from.

The last snail dish that I wanted to share with you was by far the best one. This is Ốc len xào dừa or mud creeper snails in a coconut curry sauce. You eat these snails by sucking them out of their shells, which is not the easiest thing to do by the way. I’ve been told that there is a technique to getting the snails out. I didn’t know the technique so I kind of had a hard time. Some were easier than others to suck out and some wouldn’t budge. There were a couple of times that I become light headed from trying to get the meat out. 🙂

The coconut sauce was so good. It reminded me of Thai green curry. It wasn’t as spicy and did not have the aromatics, but it did remind me of it.

So, that was my snail eating adventure. I ate so much my stomach was going to explode. Even though I was still suffering from that irritating stomach virus I ate like I was at 100%. An hour after dinner I did not feel all that great, but that’s a story for another time!!!

Three Cup Chinese Dish with Squid, Duck Tongue & Duck Intestine

Have you ever heard of a Chinese dish called sanbeiji or three cup? The most popular is three cup chicken. It’s a dish that’s derived from using three cups of sauces. These are soy sauce, rice wine and sesame oil. It’s believed that the traditional recipe calls for soy sauce, sesame oil and sugar with ginger, garlic and basil. The chicken is cooked in an earthen ware pot with the sauces until it’s all evaporated into the meat. I have had three cup squid, which was amazing. However, I have not had the pleasure of trying the chicken version.

At Yama Izakaya’s Legacy location where they serve Japanese and Chinese cuisine, my mom and I always order the three cup dish with squid, duck tongue and duck intestine. The first time I saw this on the menu it made me pause. The three proteins that make up this dish just seemed like the oddest combination. I happen to like odd combinations so I had to give it a try. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.

The duck tongue and intestines are deep fried before being added with the rest of the ingredients. I am not sure about the squid. I don’t think it’s fried, but I could be wrong. The duck tongue has a nice crunch to it due to the cartilage that runs down the middle. It tastes mainly of the sauces that it’s absorbed and is a lot of fun to eat. The duck intestines have a funky taste to them. They are intestines after all, but I happen to like that taste. It has a chewy texture and the taste can be off putting to some. To be honest with you even though the menu says duck intestines I think it may actually be pork… The pieces were awfully large for duck. I could be wrong though.

The squid was cooked perfectly. It was tender and slightly chewy and not rubbery. The fried basil in this dish takes it over the top. There’s just something about fried basil leaves that makes anything amazing.

The interesting thing about the most recent time we ordered this dish is that they served the squid whole with the eggs inside them. They usually cut up larger size squid in rings and strips. I assume these smaller squids were in season which is why we got the extra treat inside. Squid eggs are one of my all time favorite things to eat so to say I was delighted about this find is an understatement.

Anyway, if you see three cup on a Chinese menu I highly recommend that you order it. You don’t have to get this version. I can vouch that the three cup squid is delicious and I’m sure the chicken is too.

This is not a three cup dish, but the ramen took such a pretty picture that I had to share!

Chennai Cafe for Some Indian Food

I met my girl friends at Chennai Cafe this past Friday for one of our get togethers. I was really excited about having dinner at Chennai, because I knew that I already liked their food. The best thing about dinner was that Jiji was there. She is Indian-American which is fantastic, because I knew she would recommend dishes to us. I normally do not stray too far from chicken butter masala and chicken biriyani. This is why I like Indian buffets. You get to try a lot of different foods that you are unfamiliar with.

I hate that this picture is so blurry, but this is an order of Samosas. It’s a savory fried pastry that’s filled with mashed potatoes and I believe peas. It’s seasoned to within an inch of it’s life. It wasn’t super spicy, but the heat does build up. The two sauces on the side are a tamarind sauce and a mint sauce. I did not get to try the tamarind sauce, but the mint one went really well with the samosa.

Jiji recommended this appetizer called Chicken 65. These are cubed chicken marinated in spices and then deep fried. This is a dish that I probably would not have ordered on my own, I was really glad that I got to try it. The chicken was delicious. I only had a few pieces since there was so much food on the table, but I regret not wrapping some naan around this and eating it like a taco. Next time…

This appetizer is called Samosa Chaat. Jiji explained that “chaat” was when you mixed a bunch of ingredients together. The reason it’s called Samosa Chaat is because there’s one of those savory puffs buried underneath all of this yumminess.

From a distance this kind of looks like a taco salad or 7 layer dip, doesn’t it? You have this layer of chickpeas with tomatoes and onions. The sauces on top look to be the tamarind and mint sauces (I should have confirmed). Jiji called the white stuff “cream”, but I have no idea what the yellow stuff is. Reminds you of cheese doesn’t it? It’s not. Perhaps it’s little fried bits of something. If you know please comment below.

I think we are all pretty familiar with this. The naan at Chennai Cafe is some of the best that I’ve ever had. It’s so chewy and delicious. I couldn’t stop eating it.

This is called Saag Paneer. This is one of those dishes that I would never order, because menu descriptions just don’t do a good enough job of telling you how amazing this is. Saag is a leaf based dish which is made from spinach, mustard leaf, collard greens, basella or any other leafy ingredient. It wouldn’t be Indian food without spices, but this version has paneer (Indian cheese) in it. Even though I say it had spices it was not spicy. It was savory and creamy.

It’s hard to explain what this tastes like. It’s pretty mild compared to most Indian dishes so I think this one is great for Western palates. Out of everything that we ordered this one was the best. I was pleasantly surprised by this dish and loved eating it with naan. I totally recommend this.

Of course my entree was Butter Masala. I could not come to an Indian restaurant and order anything else. I normally order the chicken version, but this time I wanted to try something a little different. I ordered the Mutton Butter Masala. I’ve had mutton before so I knew I would like it. My parents aren’t a fan so this was my only chance to try mutton butter masala since I normally family style Indian food with mom and dad.

It was amazing! I think I like the mutton version more than I do the chicken. It was so good! The mutton was cut up into small bite size pieces and was not gamey at all. Linda, who does not like lamb and the like, tried it and said it was okay. Okay from her is a win!

Anyway, if you’re in the mood for Indian food I recommend Chennai Cafe and please try the Saag Paneer. I think it is something everyone would enjoy.

UPDATE: Jiji said that the white stuff on the Samosa Chaat is yogurt not cream. I remembered wrong. The topping that looks like cheese is actually crispy little noodles called, Sev.

Also, even though Wikipedia said that Saag can be made with mustard leaves and collard greens – “saag” means spinach so it’s just made with that! Darn you Wikipedia!

A Tasty Tails Lunch

My sister came into town this weekend so that we could celebrate my brother’s birthday. She couldn’t come on the actual date but it was great that she could come this weekend. 

Trying to decide what to eat is typically a no brainer for us. We normally do the same old thing for family luncheons. Korean barbecue. However, my brother who is going to school in the north east wanted something that he can’t get up there. Cajun style crawfish. 

So we drove down to Richardson and had lunch at Tasty Tails. Now buying crawfish, clams, crabs and shrimps by the pound is not cheap. We actually spent close to $150 for lunch, but it’s once in a while and it was so good. Plus it was a birthday lunch. 

We had to start with a dozen raw oysters. It’s said that you should only eat oysters in the months with a letter “r” and fortunately for us these babies in January proved to be delicious. I don’t know how true that is. Do you know?

We ordered 2 pounds of clams in the semi-spicy sauce. This isn’t a great picture, but the clams were fresh and super juicy. Clams are one of my absolute favorite things to eat so my hand was in this bag a lot. 

My dad doesn’t like to eat things that are hard to get into so he got the soft shell crab basket with sweet potato fries. Those are some decent size soft shell crabs. I got to have a piece and it was delicious. It came with tarter sauce, but I dipped my piece in the semi-spicy sauce that came with the clams. 

Here is what we came for. Crawfish. We ordered 3 pounds of crawfish in semi-spicy sauce. The sauce was perfect for us. Not mild, but not so spicy that you couldn’t enjoy your food. It was the right level of heat. 

It’s not yet peak time for crawfish so the crustaceans were on the small side. It was still delicious, but you should get larger crawfish from March through May. 

We also got a pound of shrimps and a pound of snow crab. My hands were way too dirty to fish out my iPhone so I didn’t get any pictures to share with you unfortunately. 

So, if you’re in the mood for Cajun seafood or crawfish boil go check out Tasty Tails. They have lots of amazing items on their menu. 

Hawaiian Fish Salad at Below 40 Poke House

I have to say that my favorite form of social media is Instagram. I am on that app ALL THE TIME. The format is genius. Pictures are worth a thousand words and I love looking at pictures. Food pictures are my favorite. Shameless plug here – I post a ton of food pictures!

Instagram is a good way for me to see what types of food is trending. The one food item that has blown up on Instagram this year in my opinion is poke.

Poke /poʊˈkeɪ/ is a raw fish salad served as an appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine, and sometimes as an entree. Poke is the Hawaiian verb for “section” or “to slice or cut”. Traditional forms are aku (an oily tuna) and he’e (octopus). Increasingly popular ahi poke is generally made with yellowfin tuna. Adaptations may feature raw salmon or various shellfish as a main ingredient served raw with the common “poke” seasonings. – Wikipedia 

Poke reminds me a lot of chirashi sushi (slices of raw seafood over sushi rice) so I knew that I would like it. It took a while, but poke restaurants are starting to pop up in North Texas. One restaurant is Below 40 Poke House which is located at 1921 Preston Road in Plano. It’s behind the Chase bank that’s next to Osaka’s.

img_0961.jpgThe menu at Below 40 is not large. It’s not meant to be. You step up to the counter and go through each step picking your ingredients.

img_0963.jpgFrom what I can tell poke bowl restaurants serve the mixed seafood over regular rice. That is probably the one thing that I wasn’t sure if I was going to like about this dish. I’m used to the vinegar sushi rice in chirashi bowls and was iffy about the less flavorful option.

img_0966.jpgI chose the following options for my first bowl of poke:

  1. Size: Regular
  2. Base: White Rice
  3. Proteins: Salmon & Scallop
  4. Sauce: Sriracha Aioli
  5. Sides: Crab Meat & Seaweed Salad
  6. Add-Ons: Green Onion
  7. Top it Off: Masago, Dried Seaweed & Furikake
  8. Additional: Avocado

img_0965.jpgTo my pleasant surprise I liked the regular white rice with this dish. It went really well together. I really liked the sriracha aioli. The combination of ingredients that I chose reminded me a lot of ahi towers that you can get at sushi restaurants. It looks like it when it’s all deconstructed, doesn’t it?

img_0964.jpgI’ve had poke bowls at Below 40 twice now. The second time I changed up the ingredients by one. I got red snapper instead of scallops. I really should change it up so that I can try other flavors, but I liked the combination that I got the first time so much that I had to repeat it.

If you haven’t tried poke before and would like to I recommend Below 40 Poke House.

The Ktapodi was Amazing!

Many, many years ago when I worked at IBM I met some really great people. Three of those people are ladies that I still meet up with today. It takes a lot of back and forth emailing, but we always manage to meet for dinner every few months. Our lives are pretty different and on the surface we don’t have a lot in common, but when we get together we usually talk until the restaurant closes.

This past Friday night we met up at Platia Greek Kouzina. More often than not we meet up for Asiany type food so having Greek was a nice change for us. If you’ve been following my blog then you know I normally talk about the entree last. In this post, however, I am going to be talking about it first.

Basically, the best part of my meal was the appetizer so I’m saving that one for last!

img_0748.jpgAvailable Friday and Saturday nights only, Platia has braised lamb shank on the menu. Well, you know I had to order it since it was a speciality and they only serve it two nights out of the week. It comes with an oven baked tomato orzo and you choose another side. I went with the Greek potatoes.

The lamb shank was fall off the bone tender. The tomato sauce it was braised in was perfection. I could not stop dipping my pita bread into the sauce that’s how good I thought it was. The lamb was not too gamey, but you definitely knew that you were not eating beef.

The tomato orzo was okay. I wanted to love it, because I enjoy orzo so much. However, it reminded too much of SpaghettiOs

img_0750.jpgHonorable mention of the night’s meal goes to this little beauty. It has a name, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is so we’ll just call it “chocolate cake”. It was delicious. The cake itself was really “m” word, but that whipped frosting was to die for. This cake was not heavy at all. It was so light that even though I was full from dinner I could have finished the whole piece. It’s a good thing that we shared it, because my stomach would have protested big time if I tried to put any more food into it.


Now, it’s time to talk about the AMAZING appetizer. When I saw that Platia had marinated flame broiled octopus on their menu I had to order it. I’ve seen Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern eat octopus in Greece too many times not to. My dinner companions for the most part are not that adventurous so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be eating this by myself or not.


The octopus was marinated in olive oil and red wine vinegar. You can definitely see from the charred marks that it was flame broiled. I took the lemon wedge that they gave me and spritzed it all over the octopus. Since I’ve never had this dish before I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve had octopus plenty of times so I was expecting it to be chewy. I was completely wrong. The octopus was so tender that if you didn’t know what you were eating you would have thought it was scallops that’s how soft it was. That red wine vinaigrette and rosemary (I think…) totally made this dish. It was AMAZING!

I was pleasantly surprised when my friends (minus one 🙂 ) liked it. One of them even said she could have made a meal out of it which I totally agreed with. This appetizer was on the pricey side. It was close to $11, but it was well worth it. If you like Platia or want to try their food I highly recommend it. I also recommend the Ktapodi! If you like seafood then you will love it.

Foodsby – They Will Bring You Food!

My coworker shared something awesome with me a few weeks ago. He told me that there’s this company that will deliver you food at the office so that you don’t have to go out.

Most people wouldn’t be interested, because they want to go out and step away from work. I am not most people. It’s not because I am a workaholic and can’t pull myself away. I prefer to eat at the office and it’s even better if someone brings me food!!!

I was very excited when Jaime told me about Foodsby. You can go to their website or download their app.

We provide the ultimate convenience of eating lunch at work by offering a one-stop-website full of restaurants that have never delivered to you before.

Every week day there is a list of restaurants that you can choose from. A lot of these places do not deliver so it’s awesome that there’s a company that will pick it up for you. There is a fee of $1.99, but you don’t leave a tip so to me it’s worth it. You don’t even see the delivery person. 

Every morning before a certain time you place your order. You pay online and wait until lunch time. There is a designated food drop off area where the delivery people will place your orders. You get an email and/or text notification letting you know your food has arrived. All you have to do is go pick up the one with your name on it. Easy!

This is an example of one day’s restaurant choices. It’s a nice variety don’t you think? In this picture you have Greek, southern comfort food and fried chicken! I’ve tried Foodsby a few times already and have had a great experience. Here are some of the things that I’ve ordered.

I ordered this pancetta and peas rigatoni with vodka sauce from Goodfella’s one day. It was so good!! I’ve never actually had a meal there before so this was a wonderful surprise.

This was the Kafta Pita from Mama Pita. The lamb and beef combination was amazing. I don’t normally want Mediterranean food, but this one was delicious.
This is a salad that I ordered from Salata. I love salads and really enjoy going to Salata. Now they can come to me! I always get alfalfa sprouts in my salad. It tastes like grass, but I love it.

This meal was one of my favorites. It’s from On the Border. I got a spinach and Portobello enchilada with beans and I rice.

It also came with a soft taco. I haven’t been OTB in a very long time so this was a wonderful lunch.

Foodsby services my office building which is why I get to enjoy being lazy. To find out if they go to your’s, please go to their website and enter in the office address. If they do, give them a try. I think you will like it. I’m sure there are many options out there that will assist you with your food consumption. This is the first company of this type of service that I’ve tried and I really like it. I highly recommend!!!

The Best Carbonara Ever!

My co-worker John and I met our ex co-worker, Holly, for lunch a couple of weeks ago. We met halfway between our offices at an Italian restaurant that I had never been to before called, Princi Italia

The restaurant is modern and elegant without being overdone. If I had a restaurant I would want it designed and decorated like this one. 

Our waiter was this really nice, older Italian gentleman. I could not get enough of his accent. He told us that all the pasta was made in house which was really exciting to me. 

As you can see from the menu Princi Italia is pricey. Unlike a lot of Italian restaurants that you may be used to you do not get complimentary bread. If you want bread with your meal you will need to order it. 
This is their gorgeous pizza oven. I had to take a picture of it and share. 
John ordered the Orecchiette pasta with housemade sausage, rapini (aka broccoli rabe), chilies and Parmesan. This dish was dressed with extra virgin olive oil. I have a recipe that is similar to this, but it calls for basil pesto sauce instead. I will have to share it with you sometime. 

Although I kept eyeballing this dish on the menu I decided to go with another dish that caught my eye from the start. 

I ordered the Casarecce Carbonara. This dish had pancetta bacon, garlic, mascarpone, peas, egg, parsley and shaved Parmesan. 

Now I love me some carbonara. I’ve tried to make it at home a couple of times and it never turns out. At restaurants it’s hit or miss a lot of times for me. Mostly it’s miss. 

Some restaurants will have the soft boiled egg in the dish for you to break open over the pasta, but as you can see this version was already mixed in. I don’t know if I have a preference. Bria likes the runny egg yolk version. 

The carbonara at Princi Italia was AMAZING. I loved every single bite. The sauce was creamy goodness and the Casarecce pasta was perfection. The pancetta bacon provided a terrific salty and smoky contrast to the cream sauce. I don’t really like peas, but it works in this dish. 

I was pleasantly full, but not stuffed when I was done with my meal. Unlike other Italian restaurants the portions are not large. They’re actually small by American standards. I’ve never been to Italy, but perhaps that’s the serving size there. It was fine for me, but John needed a chocolate shake from Sonic on the way back to the office. Holly ordered the ravioli and she was still hungry after. Her serving was even smaller than John and mine. I think if there had been bread it would have been the right amount of food. Perhaps that was their lunch portion size. 

I would definitely visit Princi Italia again. There are a few items on their menu that I would love to try. I should go back for dinner. Their dinner menu has additional items that look amazing. 

So, if you like carbonara I recommend that you try Princi Italia’s Casarecce Carbonara!

Moules en Sauce au Vin Blanc at Bonnie Ruth’s

Bria and I had lunch at Bonnie Ruth’s last week. Bonnie Ruth’s is this French cafe and patisserie that is known for their amazing desserts. We weren’t there for sweets, but Bria did order a slice of their carrot cake to go. She has been wanting mussels for a while now and fortunately Bonnie Ruth’s has two different options on their menu. There’s a tomato base option and a white wine option. We decided on the Moules en Sauce au Vin Blanc. Twelves perfect looking mussels that are swimming in lemon butter white wine garlic sauce and topped off with tomato confit and grilled garlic bread.


As you can see the moules or mussels come in a cast iron skillet. It was super hot so if you order this make sure you don’t touch the skillet! You are given tiny forks to eat the mussels with, but you could always use an empty shell as little tongs as well. The mussels were cooked to perfection. They were tender and full of flavor from the sauce. The tomato confit added a wonderful sweet and tart contrast to the entire dish.

img_0394.jpgI’m not normally a bread person, but the toasted garlic bread drenched in that white wine sauce was delicious. You can make a great meal out of just the garlic bread and the sauce. Bria and I ordered this dish as an appetizer, but I have to tell you I was more impressed with this than what I had for lunch. I would definitely order this again, but instead of an appetizer I think I’ll just make this my entree.

Boiling Wok – All About Hot Pot

My friend Yue told me about a new hot pot restaurant that had opened up in Carrollton. The restaurant is in an area that I’m super familiar with, but since it’s literally hidden behind Daiso so I had no idea it was there!

The restaurant is called Boiling Wok. It’s located on the South East corner of Old Denton and George Bush, behind Daiso and Ranch 99. Unlike the typical communal pot of broth that you get at Little Sheep, for example, you can get your own personal pot at Boiling Wok.

Let me make it clear that you do not have to get your own hot pot. You can absolutely share, because one pot can feed four people. My parent’s and I made the delightful mistake of ordering individual pots. Way too much food, but oh so good for this blog!


Unlike other hot pot restaurants you don’t choose ingredients to go with your pot of broth. At Boiling Wok you pick the type of broth that you want and all the ingredients are already included. I love how you get a choice of Asian flavors. Korean, Thai, Japanese and Szechuan. They do have a small option of ingredients that you can add to the pot, but it’s not really needed with all the ingredients that already come with it. Do you see all the choices? It was so hard for us to choose the ones we wanted.


Before we get to the hot pots let me tell you about the three different dipping sauces they offer. Let’s start counter clock wise. The first sauce is like smoked chili peppers in oil. I would guess that it’s a Szechuan sauce, because it reminds me of the peppercorns and hot oil. The light color sauce was my favorite. Now I don’t know what any of them are so these are just guesses, but this one tasted like miso and sesame. It wasn’t spicy at all despite the color. It was my favorite for sure. I used this one the most. The last sauce is a light and sweet soy sauce. It was very delicate. I liked it, but since it was less robust than the other two I didn’t use it as much.


Here are the hot pots that we ordered! Don’t they look amazing? My dad ordered the Japanese Miso, mom ordered Szechuan Spicy and I got the Thai hot pot. Each pot comes with a choice of egg noodles, vermicelli, udon or rice. My dad got udon while mom and I got vermicelli.


The Japanese Miso Hot Pot comes with pork slices, cabbage, choy sum, udon, enoki mushrooms, clams, fish balls, fish fillet, Maitake mushrooms, crab, fried tofu skin, soft tofu, oysters, mussels, egg and green onions. The broth in this one was delicious! It was not exactly a shabu shabu broth. It has hints of nabe and ramen broth. My dad is not a spicy kind of guy so this one was perfect for him. It was rich with a slight sweetness to it.


This is the Szechuan Spicy Hot Pot. This comes with cabbage, choy sum, sliced beef, vermicelli, tempura, enoki mushrooms, clams, oysters, fish balls, cuttlefish, pork intestines (oh my), fried tofu skin, Maitake mushrooms, tofu, green onions and cilantro. This broth was spicy, but it’s the kind that builds up. It starts off with a kick, but not too bad. The more you eat it the more your mouth feels like it’s on fire. It was really good. The broth was super robust and this would be a great option during the winter. This pot is probably the most traditional Chinese one.


This is the Thai Hot Pot. I ordered this one and I thought it would be like Thai Suki, which is what Thai hot pot is. I was surprised when they brought me the pot and I discovered that it was basically tom yum. It was a pleasant surprised for sure. This pot has sliced pork, vermicelli, cabbage, choy sum, lemongrass, enoki mushrooms, cuttlefish, fish balls, clams, oysters, crab, shrimps, octopus, Maitake mushrooms, fried tofu skin, egg and cilantro. This hot pot was so good. It reminded me so much of my favorite Thai ramen that has creamy tom yum broth.

In all three hot pots they give you so much protein it’s not even funny. The pork and beef slices made up half of the ingredients. There was so much pork in mine that I didn’t even finish it all which is a real shame.


Each person is given a small bowl to put a small helping of the hot pot in. By doing this you are cooling down the food so that you don’t burn your mouth. It’s also more manageable to eat in small portions rather than trying to tackle the whole pot yourself.


The best part of the hot pot is this tempura hard boiled egg! It was such a surprise. I thought it was a very large fried fish ball until I cut it in half. The creaminess of the egg yoke with the spicy broth was so good. I’m still thinking about it.


I love this restaurant so much. I love the different options that they offer and I cannot wait to go back. The next time we go we won’t be getting individual hot pots that’s for sure. None of us finished our pots and it was such a waste of food. We will definitely be sharing next time.

So, if you’re a fan of hot pot or would like to try it I highly recommend Boiling Wok! You have your choice of flavors and depending on your tastes I’m sure you’ll find the best pot for you.

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