I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Cousins Maine Lobster

Did you know that despite the name Cousins Maine Lobster was founded in California? The “cousins” who grew up in Maine decided to pool their savings to start a food truck in LA, because they missed the food favorites that they grew up with. After being on Shark Tank and growing their business Cousins Maine Lobster is served in 10 regions throughout the country. Luckily for me Dallas happens to be one of their regions.


The first item I was handed when I put in my order was a bottle of Maine Root Blueberry Soda. It tastes exactly like you’d think it would taste. Full of blueberry flavor and fizz. It was odd to me at first, because this is not something that is found in Texas. However, the more I drank it the more I liked it.


Cortney and Bria got the root beer and they both said it was amazing. I will definitely have to try this one out the next time. Don’t you think the packing design is gorgeous? These Maine Root sodas were $3 each.


Cousins Maine Lobster offers two types of soups. New England Clam Chowder which is what I ordered and Lobster Bisque. I had a hard time deciding which one I wanted, but since I was already getting the lobster roll I figured I needed to try the clam chowder. I’m also lactose intolerant so the bisque was probably not the best choice anyway. A bowl will set you back $10 and a cup is $7. I ordered a cup.


The chowder was delicious! It was rich and thick. I much prefer the New England style over the Manhattan (which has tomatoes and is more soupy) for this very reason. I want to say that there was more potato than clams in the chowder, but it was still amazing. I would order it again.


Bria ordered Lobster Tots. As you can tell by the picture tater tops are topped with chunks of lobster and includes cilantro lime sauce and pico de gallo. This was $12. This was good to try once, but if you’re going to put toppings on tots then I want a lot of sauce. If they had poured cheese sauce on top with the lobster I would be all over this one.


Cortney ordered the Lobster Quesadilla. Handmade tortillas are stuffed with Maine lobster, grated cheese with pico de gallo and cilantro lime sauce. Our girl, Cortney, is not a seafood fan. She only came with us, because another food truck was supposed to be on site with Cousins. It didn’t show so she had to order a seafood lunch. I was worried that she wouldn’t enjoy what she got, but she said its was really good. Her order was $13.


So this is the reason why I’m posting today. This is the Maine Lobster Roll, which Bria and I both ordered. The cost is $15. There are two types of lobster rolls on their menu. The Maine Lobster is served chilled with mayo while the Connecticut Lobster Roll is served warm with butter and lemon. I’m a mayo kind of girl so I went with the Maine. The lobster was to die for. It was so delicious. The delicate flavor of the lobster with the mayo was amazing on its own, but when you include the New England style roll (which was toasted and buttery) and a spritz of lemon the explosion of flavor was epic.

Cousins Maine Lobster posts their weekly schedule on their website so if you are interested in giving them a try or just want to eat their yummy food again, check out their calendar by clicking here.

As you can tell from the prices that I included in this post this is not a cheap meal. My entire lunch set me back $27 not including tip. It’s definitely not something that you can eat every day unless you’re fancy like that.

Overall, this food experience was two thumbs up for me. I recommend it!

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