I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Crudo Taverna

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe that it’s already 2016??? Can you believe that I’m actually blogging??? I know, right? I have no excuses. I’ve not been interested in blogging much. I haven’t stopped eating as you can tell from my daily Instagram posts. I just haven’t been motivated to post at all. I could tell you that my resolution for this year is to do better, but let’s not start 2016 off with a lie….

Anyway, let’s talk about this little place where we had our team holiday lunch, Crudo Taverna (Crudo Wood Fired Tavern). This delightful place is located at 7004 Lebanon in Frisco and offers “Italian Mediterranean with a flair”!


This restaurant is intimate and can fill up pretty fast. As you can see there’s a wood fire oven in the open kitchen. I love wood fire ovens, but I couldn’t have one. I opted for a direct vent fireplace at my house so I wouldn’t have to clear out the ash and debris in a wood burning one. If I can’t be bothered with the fireplace I surely won’t be using the oven.


I don’t always remember to take a snapshot of the menu, but I did here! Now you can take a look at what they offer and the pricing on the lunch menu.


This is Crudo’s bread plate. Flat bread fresh out of the oven with olive, herbs, feta and olive oil. I think I would have been happy with just this for lunch. It was so good and I’m not even a bready kind of girl.


Bria and I can’t pass up ordering fried calamari whenever we see it on the menu. It’s a must have appetizer. This is the Calamari Fritto Mixto. Accompanying the calamari are shrimps, artichokes, jalapeños and olives. I think this is the best calamari I’ve ever had. How could you not love the additional ingredients in this dish? Everything was cooked perfectly and I also liked that you got two sauces. Arabiata and lemon aioli.


Cortney ordered the grilled cheese on brioche with havarti, gruyere cheese and tomato basil soup. I love the idea of grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s the ultimate comfort food. I just can’t really eat it. I’m lactose intolerant and although I love me some cheese this dish is not my friend. She did say it was amazing so we can go ahead and take her word for it.


This is what Ann ordered. Jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab meat on top of lemon risotto with lemon beurre blanc. I did have a bite of this one and it was delicious! Ann said it was really good, but a little too tart for her. Maybe lemon risotto and lemon beurre blanc was too much lemon for our girl.


Here is the marinated Australian wagyu sirloin with mushroom risotto and herbed demi glaze that Bria ordered. It was AMAZING. I had just one bite, but it was enough to tell me that I should order this dish next time. The mushroom risotto was so good I could just swim in it. I think Bria asked for her sirloin to be cooked medium, which worked perfectly. I don’t think you should go well done or rare. I love a good rare steak, but not when you have all that other goodness going on.


I ordered Crudo’s paella with Maine lobster, shrimp, salmon, mussels, clams, Spanish chorizo and saffron rice. Look how amazing the presentation is. I was really excited for this one. However, I didn’t actually get to eat it. My saffron rice was a little undercooked. I was just going to eat around it, but Bria told me to send it back. I hate sending dishes back, but the waiter was really nice and apologetic about it. He offered to get me a new one, but by this time I had already sampled Phil’s dish and asked if I could order that instead.


So this is the dish that Phil and I ate. Pulled lamb ragu with fresh peas, portobello mushrooms and shallots on pappardelle. Omigod this was DELICIOUS! I will definitely have to try the paella again, but I was so happy that I ordered this one. If you aren’t a fan of lamb you won’t like it. It tastes like lamb and you can’t fool yourself into thinking it’s beef. I’m not the most graceful eater on a good day so I was struggling a little with the pappardelle. That pasta kept sliding off my fork. I think I would have had better success using chopsticks.

If you haven’t been to Crudo I highly suggest that you go right now. The staff at Crudo are great. They’re welcoming, nice and helpful. All great qualities to have in a wait staff. Their menu offers something for everyone. Even though I had to send the paella back it isn’t going to stop me from going to Crudo again. Everything I tasted was good and I look forward to trying even more of their dishes in 2016!

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