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Edoko Sushi & Robata

We had lunch at Edoko Sushi & Robata yesterday. I felt like chirashi and I so I asked my friends if they were interested. Everyone was interested in Japanese Friday.


Edoko has traditional robata, which is the Japanese custom of cooking on a charcoal fired hearth/grill. It’s not part of their lunch menu though so if you are wanting robata, you’ll have to go for dinner.

Their menu is typical Japanese fare with a few twists. There are some Japanese fusion dishes. Normally I don’t like fusion dishes, but we were interested in some of the options on their menu. If you are interested in seeing what we ordered, please to continue reading.


Bria ordered the Tomato Salad ($6.00), which is marinated tomatoes, greens, feta cheese and honey yuzu vinaigrette. Those tomatoes were amazing. I want to say that aside from being marinated, they were also roasted. I really want to know what the marinade is, because it was to die for. I totally recommend this salad even though it’s not really Japanese. Those tomatoes were like crack!


I’ve always been curious about Pork Belly on Iceberg ($7.00). It’s braised pork belly on a wedge of iceberg lettuce with candied bacon. It sounds so good on paper, but when it was delivered, I remembered why I hate wedge salads. It’s so dang hard to eat! I wasn’t given a fork or knife so it was super difficult trying to get into this thing with just chopsticks. I eventually had to ask for a fork.

The braised pork belly was delicious. The candied bacon was sweet. They weren’t kidding when they said it was candied. The dressing was interesting. It was a mix of the braising sauce and vinaigrette. The salad as a whole when you eat it reminds you of pork and veggie stir fry. If you’re curious then you should try it. I am not sure if I would order this again. I liked it, but not enough to order it again.


The Roll Bento ($12.00) comes with miso soup, salad and your choice of 2 rolls. It’s not just any rolls though. You have to choose 1 roll each from 2 lists. The first list has tuna, California, spicy tuna and spider roll. The second list has temptation, tango, geisha and Edoko fire. The second list is obviously the specialty rolls. Bria ordered the California roll and the tango roll (I think).

That’s a lot of food isn’t it?


Allan ordered the Udon Carbanaro ($9.00). As you can see this is one of Edoko’s fusion dishes. It’s udon noodles with enoki mushrooms, shrimp, pork belly, fresh grape tomatoes and parmiagno reggiano sauce. Bria and I were really interested in finding out what this one was all about. Allan was going back and forth between this and a veggie dish. We more or less pressured him into ordering the udon carbanaro. Sorry, Allan.

It was really good, but odd. Udon noodles are soft and chewy compared to pasta noodles so my brain was all kinds of confused when I tried this. Even though it looks heavy, it was pretty light. Doesn’t that make sense? Of course, I only had a large bite of it and Allan ate the whole thing.


Jesse ordered another fusion dish. Spicy Red Snapper ($11.00). The fish is sautéed with jalapeño, mushrooms in a crawfish sauce and served over white rice. The sauce was similar to the one on the udon. I tried a little of it and it was good. Jesse said that it was delicious. It looks pretty doesn’t it?

I probably wouldn’t have ordered it since there are so many other choices on Edoko’s menu that caught my eye. I’m glad that Jesse did though so I could see what it was like. Perhaps, I will give it a try next time.


As for me, I ordered the Chirashi ($14.00) or assorted sashimi on sushi rice. Doesn’t this look amazing? I figured out a long time ago that you get more sashimi with Chirashi than if you ordered a sushi or sashimi set. Edoko does a great job of presenting the food. The waiter told me what each piece of sashimi in the bowl was, which was nice. You usually don’t get that.


Here’s a view from the left side of the bowl. I wouldn’t order the tamago (egg) if I had a choice, because it’s not as fancy as the other options on a sushi menu. However, I’m always delighted to get it in the Chirashi. It’s a nice accompaniment to all the raw fish.


Here’s the view from the other side. This is what is called sexy food. I couldn’t eat this every day, but the picture sure makes me want to.

Anyway, if any of the dishes that I’ve shown you sound interesting then give Edoko Sushi & Robata a try! I really enjoy their food. The ambience and the restaurant is really nice. The staff is super friendly and helpful. I think that you will have a good time if you go.

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