I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Foodsby – They Will Bring You Food!

My coworker shared something awesome with me a few weeks ago. He told me that there’s this company that will deliver you food at the office so that you don’t have to go out.

Most people wouldn’t be interested, because they want to go out and step away from work. I am not most people. It’s not because I am a workaholic and can’t pull myself away. I prefer to eat at the office and it’s even better if someone brings me food!!!

I was very excited when Jaime told me about Foodsby. You can go to their website or download their app.

We provide the ultimate convenience of eating lunch at work by offering a one-stop-website full of restaurants that have never delivered to you before.

Every week day there is a list of restaurants that you can choose from. A lot of these places do not deliver so it’s awesome that there’s a company that will pick it up for you. There is a fee of $1.99, but you don’t leave a tip so to me it’s worth it. You don’t even see the delivery person. 

Every morning before a certain time you place your order. You pay online and wait until lunch time. There is a designated food drop off area where the delivery people will place your orders. You get an email and/or text notification letting you know your food has arrived. All you have to do is go pick up the one with your name on it. Easy!

This is an example of one day’s restaurant choices. It’s a nice variety don’t you think? In this picture you have Greek, southern comfort food and fried chicken! I’ve tried Foodsby a few times already and have had a great experience. Here are some of the things that I’ve ordered.

I ordered this pancetta and peas rigatoni with vodka sauce from Goodfella’s one day. It was so good!! I’ve never actually had a meal there before so this was a wonderful surprise.

This was the Kafta Pita from Mama Pita. The lamb and beef combination was amazing. I don’t normally want Mediterranean food, but this one was delicious.
This is a salad that I ordered from Salata. I love salads and really enjoy going to Salata. Now they can come to me! I always get alfalfa sprouts in my salad. It tastes like grass, but I love it.

This meal was one of my favorites. It’s from On the Border. I got a spinach and Portobello enchilada with beans and I rice.

It also came with a soft taco. I haven’t been OTB in a very long time so this was a wonderful lunch.

Foodsby services my office building which is why I get to enjoy being lazy. To find out if they go to your’s, please go to their website and enter in the office address. If they do, give them a try. I think you will like it. I’m sure there are many options out there that will assist you with your food consumption. This is the first company of this type of service that I’ve tried and I really like it. I highly recommend!!!

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