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Fun Food Find: Chīkama

Many, many years ago on a layover at Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan, I “accidentally” bought what I thought was squid jerky. However, like most things that you buy when you can’t read the packaging, it wasn’t squid jerky. It was a type of kamaboko (Japanese cured surimi made from processed seafood) with cheese called chīkama. I hope I’m getting the name right, because I couldn’t really find what this snack was called online.

The first time I tried it I thought it was so weird. However, like all weird things, the more I ate it the more I liked it. I had completely forgotten about it until today when I saw packages of them at Daiso. By the way if you haven’t been to Japan’s version of the Dollar Store, I totally suggest that you get on it! There are two locations in the DFW area.


Fish Meat Sticks with Cheese doesn’t really sound appetizing, does it? I think you have to be pretty adventurous to give this a try if you’ve never had it before. It would be a great party food. I think a lot of alcohol could be involved as well.


Can you see the kamaboko? It looks like there are really thin layers of it sandwiching the cheese. If you saw this snack like this and without the bag you would think it was string cheese.


The interesting thing is that it tastes more like cheese than it does fish. Now it does have a slight fishy taste. Kind of like fried fish cakes. It’s a very delicate taste so you’re not overwhelmed with seafood. The cheese is the dominant flavor, but they’re not joking when they say Fish Meat Sticks with Cheese.

If you’re interested in trying this or anything else Japanese, Daiso is a really good place to explore interesting snacks. For slightly over a dollar you can try cheese and fish. If you were to go to a proper Asian market I’m sure the price would be a lot higher.

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