I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Giving Up Beef, But That’s OK

I’ve given up beef. I was sitting at a restaurant one day trying to decide what I wanted to have for lunch when the thought of mother cows and their calves popped into my head. Well there’s no recovering from that so I’ve been beef free for about two weeks now. 

I don’t crave beef at this time, but I’m sure I will miss it when we start going to Korean BBQ and I’m limited to pork and chicken. 

My team and I went to Mi Cocina for lunch a while back and I was only a little sad that I wouldn’t be able to order my favorite brisket tacos. This gave me an opportunity to order a dish I haven’t tried before though. 

We got an order of the shrimp ceviche for an appetizer. Just look at those colors! Isn’t it gorgeous? The ceviche was amazing. The mango was sweet and the jicama was crunchy. A great flavor and texture combination. 

Of course we had to get the queso blanco. You can’t have Tex Mex without chips, salsa and queso. 

For my lunch I ordered the Poblano Chicken Enchiladas. I was pretty much sold on the poblano cream sauce. Don’t you think that looks amazing? They have two types of rice at Mi Cocina. This is their Mexican or Spanish rice, but they also have a lime cilantro rice that’s really good. 

From this picture you can see a peak of the chicken and how thick that poblano cream sauce is. The enchiladas were to die for. It was delicious and I was delighted that I ordered it. 

So now that I’m no longer eating beef I’m ordering more dishes that I normally wouldn’t try. The results so far have been fantastic. I highly recommend the Poblano Chicken Enchiladas at Mi Cocina if you’re in the area and in the mood for Tex Mex!

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