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Gordon Biersch…garlic fries

It’s been a while since I posted. A while for me anyway. I try to post at least 3 times a week. The weather has been so bad lately, that all I’ve wanted to do is hibernate until the sun comes out. Well, it finally did yesterday!!! I missed seeing it. I don’ t know if I could live any place that is rainy and cloudy all the time…

So, today I am taking you to Gordon Biersch Brewery and Restaurant. This German inspired franchise has 2 locations in North Texas. Dallas and Plano. In the past year or so, GB has revamped their menu. So, if you are familiar with GB, but haven’t had the chance to visit in a while, you may be surprised at what they no longer offer and what they do.

I, personally, am sad that they took away their Cajun pasta. That dish was amazing!!!! The menu may be different at each location so some of the items that you see here may not be found at the GB in your area.


I love restaurants that have open kitchens. I really like seeing the chefs prepare the food. I guess that’s why I’m a foodie.


I can pretty much make a meal out of appetizers. This one is the Crab Melt Bites. They’re mini crab cakes on toasted sour dough with havarti cheese and bacon. Crab, cheese and bacon??? What’s not to like about that combination? This was really good. There was a nice combination of crab meat and stuffing. A lot of the times there’s more stuffing than there is crab.


Take a look at the inside of the crab cake. Yum!


Cheese and bacon are my weaknesses so there’s no wonder why I had to order the Blue Cheese Chips. Doesn’t that just look amazing? It tastes even better. This is GB’s half order of housemade chips with bleu cheese, havarti cheese sauce and bacon. The sauce is pretty rich so I appreciate the fact that the chips weren’t drenched in it.The only time I really complain about the lack of cheese sauce is with nachos. Don’t you just hate it when only the top layer of chips have cheese on them, but there’s like 5 more layers below that are completely naked? That is no bueno.


You cannot come to GB and not order their legendary Garlic Fries. Can you see the fresh chopped garlic pieces on these fries? You can smell this dish coming your way when the server brings it out. The smell is really garlicky so if you’re not a fan, you’re going to have to be okay with it if you go to GB. The best part is when you get a fry that has chunks of garlic on it and it kicks you in the back of the throat with it’s spiciness. SO GOOD!


GB has a daily special menu where you can only get certain dishes on certain days. On Tuesdays they have the Sausage Platter. You get knockwurst, polish sausage, bratwurst, red cabbage, sauerkraut croquettes and a side of brown mustard. I’m not a sausage connoisseur so I can’t tell you if these are authentic tasting, but they all had a different taste to them. Does that sound weird? I know they’re supposed to taste different, because they’re different types of sausages. It’s just that for some reason, I thought they would taste similar anyway.

The knockwurst was tasty. It was probably the saltier of the three. The polish was not as firm as the other two and kind of just tasted like a hot dog to me. Shouldn’t polish sausages have more of a kick to them or am I mistaken? The bratwurst was my favorite. It was really good. If you are a brats person, they have an appetizer called Baby Brats, that you might enjoy. It’s mini bratwursts served in pretzel buns, topped with caramelized onions and mustard.

The red cabbage was delicious. It was kind of sweet and tasted like there raisins or some kind of fruit mixed in. I’ve never had red cabbage cooked in this way before. The sauerkraut croquettes were made with potatoes and sauerkraut (duh). They weren’t my favorite. I was kind of hoping it had a strong sauerkraut taste, but it didn’t. Which is probably a good thing to some people. I just happen to like sauerkraut.


GB offers a nice selection of burgers. My friend, Ann, got the California Burger. She was actually wanting the Swiss and Mushroom, but they no longer have that on their menu. 🙁 The California has American cheese, avocado, romaine lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing. I am not a fan of thousand island dressing. It reminds me too much of sandwich spread. I would ask if I could switch it to ranch dressing instead.


My girl, Bria, ordered the Marzen BBQ Burger. The meat is brushed with Marzen BBQ sauce and topped with bacon and cheddar. I wanted to ask Bria for a bite of this pretty thing, but that would just be rude. She said that it was good and just by aesthetics alone, I would have to agree with her. The only thing that I would change is the iceberg lettuce. Iceberg is not my favorite.


Last, but definitely not least, is the Redwood Porter Chicken. It’s lightly battered chicken breast that is smothered in porter cream sauce. There are also shiitake mushrooms, red onions, garlic mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus. The porter cream sauce is so decadent. It’s rich, creamy and has great flavor. I could swim in it. I love shiitake mushrooms so it’s great how you get big chunks of it. The perfect bite is when you get a little bit of everything.

So, what do you think folks? Will GB be the next stop on your culinary adventure? Since I am not a fan of beer, I can’t recommend any of their hand crafted German style options. Boo! I know, right? However, since the restaurant is also a brewery, it has to be good, right?

Anyway, if you do go to GB, I recommend that you get the garlic fries, one of their burgers or the Redwood Porter Chicken. They’re good! Also, I recommend their triple cream cake with bananas foster (I don’t have a picture, sorry). I don’t actually know what the name of it is, but it’s so good. It’s like a tres leches cake that is topped with bananas and caramel sauce. DELICIOUS!

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