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Grilling Ribeyes

So I bought a really nice gas grill almost a year ago. I grilled fish on it when I first got it and then I didn’t touch again until tonight. 

We bought a couple of ribeye steaks and I decided to use the grill instead of using a skillet on the stove. 

Would you believe I had to YouTube how to grill steaks? I cannot grill to save my life. 

Those are some beautiful steaks don’t you think? My favorite cut is ribeye. My ex introduced it to me. Before that all I really knew was T-bone. 
Anyway, YouTube said to grill each side for 4 minutes on medium heat. At 2 minutes you are to turn the steaks slightly to get that cross grill mark. You also close the lid and let the heat cook through the meat. 

I don’t think my heat was right. I did get nice grill marks, but it didn’t look like what you would get at restaurants. It wasn’t as pronounced. So, I think I could have gone hotter. 

Regardless the steaks were amazing! It was perfectly medium rare. Although my dad said it was a little more rare in some areas. I was okay with that. I like rare steaks. 

YouTube is so handy! I need to check it out for more grilling tips and recipes. 

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