I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

A Day In The Life 1: I AM ANXIETY

I’ve been playing around with the idea of incorporating more into this blog than just food show and tells and reviews. Since this is not your typical food blog anyway I thought why not do a “day in the life” type posts.

So here goes number one!!!

Up until last year no one really knew that I have severe anxiety. I’ve had it all of my life, but thought it was something that I had to “deal with”. I worry about the littlest things and can’t turn off the feeling of anxiousness. It’s such a big part of me that when
I don’t worry or have anxiety I start thinking something must be wrong. Why am I not anxious today?!

It’s exhausting.

There are so many self help books out there that try to help you deal with your problems. However, I’ve never been one to sit still and read those types of things. A lifetime ago I had a personal blog where I did a lot of boo hoo-ing. It was really helpful to get it all out, but then I got over it and all the posts dried up. Those of you who’ve known me for years will remember that blog.

Anyway, back to anxiety. There are foods out there which can help anxiety sufferers and there are also foods that can exacerbate your problems. I know all of this, but I don’t follow the healthy and helpful diet. As you can see from my posts and pictures on Instagram I eat whatever I want. I can tell myself that I’m doing it for my readers and followers, but I’m not. I do it, because I don’t care that it may trigger my anxiety. I just want to eat it! If I did care then I wouldn’t be eating a lot of stuff that I do. You know what I’m saying?

Well, 2016 is a new year and I will try to be better about my eating habits. I’m sure my cholesterol and general practitioner will thank me for it. I think the food pictures will be brilliant no matter what I eat, because food porn is just hot. BUT I do want to make an effort to eat healthier.


They say that you should avoid caffeine, salt, sugar, junk/fast food, and alcohol, because these things can trigger anxiety. Caffeine is my downfall. I need one cup of coffee every day in order to function otherwise I’m no good. I think one cup a day isn’t so bad. Is it? I know some people who have multiple cups a day.

I’m usually pretty good about soda unless there’s IBC Cream Soda or Pepsi nearby. I can’t resist them. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, but I need a ton of sugar in my coffee so that’s not good. I don’t drink alcohol (because I’m allergic) so that’s one less thing to worry about, but I do enjoy fast food.

Must lay off the Sausage Egg McMuffins!


This gorgeous burger is not fast food, but the saturated fats and are no good for my anxiety OR cholesterol. It sure did taste good though. ????


Foods that contain the following can help manage anxiety:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids – It’s shown to improve moods and ability to cope with stress. You can find omega 3 in tuna, mackerel and salmon. Certain nuts, olive oil and avocado are also good fats.
  • Complex carbohydrates – whole grain oats, 100% whole grain bread and pasta
  • Chamomile tea – 3 to 4 cups a day for modest benefit
  • Foods high in Tryptophan – An essential amino acid that is chicken, soy products, tofu, fish, eggs, milk, turkey, peanuts and peanut butter to name a few.
  • Vitamin B (primarily folate B12 and B1) – poultry, eggs, meat and fish
  • Protein – Protein intake for breakfast can make you more energized.
  • Water – staying hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of water can affect your mood and energy


Would this grilled chicken with bourbon mushroom sauce be considered a good way to manage my anxiety? It’s so hard to decide what’s supposed to be good for you when there are components of good and bad on a dish. Do you know what I’m saying?

I think I’m good on the omega 3 intake. I eat A LOT of sushi. Salmon happens to be one of my favorites. I need to work on the other “good foods” though. I’m better about choosing whole wheat products as I get older, but I’m not really consistent about eating these types of food. I can do it for a few days and then I get bored. I must commit to being healthier!!!


I think this lobster cobb salad scores pretty high for good anxiety management. Although in order for it to be perfect I would have to lose the bacon. That makes me sad. No more bacon… :(

I hope you enjoyed the first post in my new A Day in the Life segment. I’m looking forward to you guys getting to know me a little more. I don’t always have a restaurant to review so this is a good way for me to post more as well.


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