I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Hutchin’s – Texas BBQ

My birthday was a couple of weeks ago and different co-workers kept taking me out to lunch. You never know how much you are loved until your birthday rolls around and all these people want to feed you! It’s awesome!!! Anyway, my team took me to Abe for delicious Japanese food. I love my guys. They even brought donuts and left a bunch of confetti in my office. Thanks Ann, Jesse and Bria. You guys are the poo!!!

What was really nice is that the previous team that I managed wanted to take me to lunch as well. They asked me what I felt like eating. I always feel like Asian, in particular pho since it was pretty chilly last Friday. However, since my previous team consists of 8 men (yeah 8 of them) I opted for something that I knew they would all enjoy. Texas barbecue! In particular a place called Hutchin’s BBQ. I’ve never been there, but they’ve all raved about it.


There are 2 locations. The original opened in Princeton in 1978, but moved to McKinney in 1990. This is their newest location in Frisco (9225 Preston Rd Frisco, TX 75033). The guy in the picture is Robert. He manages the team now. He’s a good egg.


I had the presence of mind to take a picture of the menu. I don’t always remember, but this time I was like I better take a snapshot of this bad boy. You order by weight. You can do quarter of a pound, half a pound and so on. You can also do the All You Can Eat for $17.99. I wanted to do that, but my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. It would have been a waste of food. Maybe one day…. 🙂


The gentlemen behind the counter were so nice! They seemed to enjoy what they were doing and interacting with the customers. The young guy facing the camera is Alex. Jeff (my old boss) and I hired him as an intern over a year ago and now he’s a permanent employee. He’s also getting married (so young, I know) and Hutchin’s is catering their reception. 🙂


The focus was totally off on this picture. It should have been on the m-word (you know I hate saying that word) brisket in the background instead of the plates up front. You can still see it though.


Before we take a look at what I ordered, let’s take a peek at Hutchin’s selection of side items. There’s barbecue beans, corn, and green beans in this picture. Allan’s still on his all veggie all the time diet so he was all over this.


You can’t have barbecue without macaroni and cheese and some form of potatoes (mashed in this case). I got both of these babies. How can you resist them?


Here we have broccoli salad, potato salad and cole slaw. I wanted to try that broccoli salad, but opted for the potato. I can’t have barbecue without potato salad.


So, here’s what I ordered. A quarter pound of pork ribs, a quarter pound of jalapeño cheddar sausage, a stuffed jalapeño, potato salad, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Too much food? Maybe, but I had to do it. It was for science.


I didn’t get any brisket, but Eli let me have some of his. It was the m-word kind and it was AMAZING. The next time I go to Hutchin’s I’m getting the brisket. I should have gotten some on this day. I know, right? Who goes to eat Texas barbecue and not get brisket. Me. Sigh.

I really like pork ribs so I had to have that. Then I saw that they had jalapeño cheddar sausage. That’s a weakness of mine so I had to get that too. I knew that I couldn’t finish my lunch if I got 3 meats so I had to leave the brisket off the plate. I also knew that the guys were getting brisket and I could always sneak a piece. They give you burnt ends at Hutchin’s too in case that excites you. I’ve never had burnt ends, but it sounds like something I could get into it.


The stuffed jalapeños are filled with brisket, cream cheese and wrapped with bacon. How could I not order one of these bad boys? It’s wrapped in bacon. Need I say more? It was really good. It wasn’t spicy at all and it was bursting with flavor. Delicious!


Do you see the cheese and juices oozing out of the sausage? Juicy (the more I say this word the more it’s starting to wig me out) and flavorful is all I can say about this. It’s delicious.


Last, but definitely not least are the pork ribs. I’ve always liked the pork ribs at Rudy’s, but I have to tell you these are now my absolute favorite. The spice rub that they put on their ribs is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!! It’s the best combination of sweet and salty. I’ve never had barbecue that had a definite sweetness to the rub. I’m assuming it’s brown sugar that’s caramelized on the ribs that gives it the distinct sweetness. It’s so good. I can’t even explain it to you. I didn’t even bother with barbecue sauce that’s how flavorful these ribs are. I really want some more now that I’m looking at this picture.


My tray is the one at the bottom of the picture. I ate more than the guys. I should have stopped, but I couldn’t. Let’s just say I was useless for the rest of the day. I don’t regret it though. It was so good!!

Anyway, if you haven’t been to Hutchin’s or if you’re looking for some good Texas barbecue or if you’re just looking for some barbecue – GO TO HUTCHIN’S. Do it!

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