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Jin – Korean BBQ experience

When my brother and sister come into town, one of the requested meals is always Korean BBQ. Their favorite K-BBQ place at the moment is Jin. I’ve done a brief review of Jin before, but this one will be bigger and better. Well, it will have more pictures and details at least.

Jin Korean BBQ is located in East Plano off I-75. It’s a few stores down from the new H-Mart. Since Jin is located in a shopping area, parking is not a problem:

3420 Avenue K, Suite 200
Plano, TX 75074

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Thursday: 11 am – 10 pm
Friday to Saturday: 11 am – 10:30 pm
Sunday: 11 am – 10 pm


This place is great for large parties. There is plenty of open space and privacy. This is only the right side of the restaurant. The left side looks pretty much the same. I’ve never had to wait for a table at Jin.


This is the lunch menu. The backside has the dinner menu. It’s basically the same menu except the cost is higher. As you can see, it’s an all you can eat buffet. There’s so many options that you can choose from. Even Korean BBQ beginners should not have a problem finding something delicious to eat.


The fun part of Korean BBQ is grilling your food at the table. It’s a very social and interactive meal. This is why it’s great for large parties or family meals. The small dishes around the grill are your customary banchan or Korean side dishes. The salad is really good. It comes with a spicy dressing that goes well with the grilled meats. Their marinated fish cake is really good too.


These are the condiments that come with the BBQ. Salt and pepper and soybean paste. Some places provide you with sesame oil as well. Jin does not. They may give it to you if you ask though. I don’t normally use the salt and pepper to dip my grilled meats in. I use it to season the samgyupsal while it’s grilling though. Soybean paste is a different story. I love using it on the grilled meats.


This first meat we ordered was bulgogi. It’s thin slices of marinated beef. The marinade is usually made with pureed Asian pears, onion, minced garlic, green onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and some other delicious ingredients. Korean BBQ beginners will really enjoy bulgogi.


This is samgyupsal or pork belly. See the specks of salt and pepper? I did that. This is my FAVORITE Korean BBQ choice. It’s not all that good for my cholesterol level, but I can’t help myself.


We also ordered bulgogi squid. There are 2 squid options. Bulgogi marinade and spicy marinade. The bulgogi marinade is the same as the bulgogi beef. The spicy marinade is like a chili paste. I’ve ordered the spicy version before, but prefer the bulgogi one.


Are you having trouble figuring what this is? It’s spicy marinated tripe. It’s cow stomach!! OMIGOD! It’s actually really good.


Oh my. Another weird dish. This is the spicy gobchang or spicy marinated beef small intestines. SAY WHAT? I really like it actually. It’s not a texture that you’re expecting. It’s not chewy. It’s kind of soft when it’s cooked all the way through. Unless you enjoy gobchang already, I’m probably not doing a good job of encouraging you to try it, but you should. Totally tasty.


Here are the meats on the grill. At the top we have beef tongue. I know, I know. More weird stuff. Then the bulgogi and samgyupsal. Each meat has its own cooking time. The beef tongue cooks the fastest since it’s the thinest cut. The samgyupsal takes a little longer since it’s thicker.


I couldn’t resist posting this picture of samgyupsal. Doesn’t that look delicious?


The hottest parts of the grill are towards the sides. The center is where you leave the meats that are pretty much done cooking so that it keeps warm. The wait staff will stop by every once in a while to check your grill. If it’s smoking due to the burnt marinade that’s stuck to it, the waiter will replace the grill. We had to get our grill replaced three times. The more marinated meats you order, the more frequent your grill will need to be replaced.


After a couple of hours of grilling, this is what we had left. It was so good. We ordered 3 rounds of bulgogi, samgyupsal and beef tongue. Did we eat everything? We sure did!

I really recommend Jin for get-together with friends or family. Interactive meals are always fun and it’s even better when the food is delicious. When you go with a lot of people, you get to try a whole bunch of different things. It’s perfect for trying something like gobchang. I hope you try it. 🙂

As I mentioned at the beginning, it’s an all you can eat buffet. There’s a bell at each table when you need assistance from the wait staff. They’re all very nice and attentive. You do not have to wait long for them to bring out your orders.

Overall, two thumbs up from me. I highly recommend Jin. If you’re in the mood for Korean BBQ or looking to try Korean BBQ, Jin is a great place to go.

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