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Keiichi – More Than Just Japanese

There is this Japanese restaurant in Denton that I’ve heard a lot about the past couple of years. A lot of friends have told me to try it. There’s also been a lot of reviews on it and even my brother has been. He said it was great, but pricey. So you’ve been warned.

At this restaurant you have to make reservations if you want to eat there. The restaurant has one bar and a small dining table. It is very intimate so you can’t just pop in hoping to get a meal.

The restaurant that I’m talking about is Keiichi.

Acclaimed sushi house from chef Keiichi Nagano with just 10 seats, an omakase menu & select sake. – Google

img_2825.jpgThere’s not a huge sign on the building telling you that this is Keiichi so if you’re not paying attention you’re going to miss it. There is a street sign, but I missed that so there you go. It’s definitely one of Denton’s best kept secrets.

img_2828.jpgThe menu changes every day and this is what was served on 4/13. As you can see this was an expensive dinner. It also threw me for loop as well when I noticed the non-Japanese selections on the menu. I didn’t realize up until then that Keiichi was a fusion restaurant.

img_2833.jpgYou know how I feel about squid (or Ika) so of course I had to order the squid sashimi with Hawaiian red salt and lime. I wasn’t sure how to eat this though. Since it came with the salt and lime, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to dip it in soy sauce or not. I tried it both ways. The addition of the soy sauce made it too salty. You could really taste all the different flavors if you ate it as is. It was really delicate and I liked this a lot.

img_2831.jpgThis is the Tasmanian Sea Trout with ginger, Japanese mint and citrus soy. I’ve never had trout in sashimi form let alone Tasmanian Sea Trout so I had to order this. It was AMAZING. It was DELICIOUS. I wish I had an opportunity to try the trout on its own so I would know how it taste, but I will have to do that next time. It is on the sushi menu.

 This is marinated tuna sashimi with fresh guacamole. The marinade was what made this dish for me. I know there was soy sauce and some kind of oil involved, but I wish I knew how to replicate it. The marinated onions on the dish were a pleasant surprise. I think I enjoyed them as much as the tuna and guacamole.   This is the beef and jalapeño cream cheese sushi. The chef mixed jalapeño and cream cheese with the sushi rice then placed thin slices of beef on top. I wouldn’t have ordered this, but luckily for me our friends did. It was really good.

I didn’t want to order sushi for dinner, because I wasn’t sure when I’d have an opportunity to come to Keiichi again. I wanted to try one of the fusion entrees.

After much thought I went with the Kinoko Pasta. There were five different kinds of mushrooms in a heavy cream sauce. It was incredibly rich. Delicious, but rich. The pasta itself was perfection and the mushrooms were hearty.

I wish I asked the waitress what the five mushrooms in this dish were. I could see champignons and enoki…I think.

 Our friend ordered the beef tenderloin steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. He seemed to enjoy it so that’s all I can tell you about this one.

 My sister ordered the Cod Roe Pasta. I wanted to talk about this one last, because this was my favorite. The cod roe or mentaiko is marinated fish eggs. It’s salty, fishy and depending on the marinade can be spicy.

I love mentai-ika sushi (code roe and squid) and plain mentai with rice so I was all for trying this dish.

Again, the pasta was perfect. The sauce was not as rich as the Kinoko, but still creamy. The cod roe added a distinct flavor to the sauce. It was definitely fishy, but I totally loved it.

What an odd combination. Fish eggs and cream sauce. I don’t know who invented it, but it definitively worked for me.

If you’re feeling adventurous I would recommend this dish. I would order it next time for sure.

So, if you haven’t already had the pleasure of dining at Keiichi I highly recommend it. If you don’t live in Denton the drive may put you off, but it’s worth it. Remember that you have to make reservations and try the “weird stuff”. You will love it.

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