I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Korean Kettle BBQ

I really wanted Korean BBQ this past weekend. In particular samgyupsal or pork belly. This craving for grilled meat was driving me insane. I did not want to do the all you can eat BBQ, because that’s just too much food.

So, I invited my brother to Omi for kettle BBQ instead. I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time now, but whenever we have Korean BBQ we always do all you can eat.

It would have been more cost effective to get all you can eat BBQ, but if I didn’t try the kettle version I would continue to wonder about it.


So, instead of a grill top you get a kettle. It is placed over a gas flame and it gets hot pretty quickly.


First the waitress puts a ton of kimchee and spicy mung bean sprouts around the edge of the kettle. The addition of onions and mushrooms seemed odd at the time, but there’s a reason. Just wait for it.

The meat goes in the center which is the hottest part of the kettle. We had to order a minimum of two meats. I did not know that going in so it ended up being a lot of food regardless of my intention to keep it small. It worked out though and we decided on marbled beef and five layer pork belly. My brother and I had been debating between the two.


The thinly sliced beef cooked really fast. That kimchee was really spicy by the way. We had a lot of banchan or side dishes that went with the meal. No actual pictures taken of them though. Sorry.


As you can see the the beef was already cooked through by the time the pork belly got on the kettle. All the “meat juices” from the beef and pork belly flowed towards the edge adding more flavor to the veggies. There’s a reason for that. Just wait.


The waitress came by and cut up the pork belly for us with large scissors. Doesn’t that just look amazing?!


Another food porn shot of the pork belly. Gorgeous.

So, after finishing off most of the beef, pork belly and the side dishes I thought we were done. I turned off the burner and was wondering what we were going to do with all the leftover kimchee and mung bean sprouts on the kettle. Do we take it home with us? What would I do with it?


Well our meal was not finished! The waitress cut up all the kimchee, mung bean sprouts and onions (no mushrooms ‘cuz we ate them) for the fried rice!!!

My mind was blown. I didn’t know we got fried rice with our meal. She added two big scoops of rice onto the kettle and mixed everything together. The rice, vegetables and all that juice from the meats. Flavor overload! The rice had some kind of red sauce on it. I assume it’s that spicy sauce you out on bibimbap. She spread the rice around on the kettle and let it heat through.


The rice was topped with nori (seaweed) flakes. I stirred it around to mix in the nori. The rice that was towards the center of the kettle got pretty crispy. It was damn good!!!

I’m not sure if we were supposed to eat all the meat before the rice came out. There weren’t instructions and we didn’t go with someone who knew what to do. Either way it was a great meal and now I can happily cross Korean kettle BBQ off my list.

There was only two of us for this meal, but it could have easily served four. If you haven’t already tried this version of Korean BBQ, I highly recommend it!

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