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Kula Revolving Sushi Bar

Japan has an amazing revolving sushi bar culture that is becoming more popular in America. I love the idea of a revolving sushi bar and have been to a few. It’s so much fun. So, of course when I found out there was a new restaurant opening up in Plano I had to go. I saw an ad on Facebook about it and immediately went to Google. Then I group texted my friends.

Kula Revolving Sushi Bar has nine restaurants in California and for some reason they’ve opened one in Plano, Texas… I’m not really sure why, but it could have something to do with Toyota moving their headquarters here from Torrance, California.


I’ve been to a few conveyer belt sushi restaurants and they were so so. The problem is that the rice used for the sushi didn’t taste good. It doesn’t taste like the vinegared rice that is normally found in regular sushi bars and it ruins the experience. Do you know what I mean? When you have to mass produce nigiri and rolls the rice never tastes right and not only that the options are pretty limited.


There’s not a lot of interesting sushi options. In Texas you get the typical sushi which include salmon, tuna and California rolls. That’s why I was so excited when I saw the online menu. They have an amazing selection of nigiri, rolls, desserts and even ramen. The videos online instantly reminded me of the restaurants that you can find in Japan. Not that I’ve ever been to Japan, but I’ve seen enough food videos on YouTube to know. 🙂


This is their menu. Can you believe this? Look at what you can get. From my revolving sushi restaurant experience I can tell you that you normally don’t see sea urchin, mackerel, sweet shrimp (raw), ikura (salmon roe) and natto (fermented soybeans) gliding by your table. You can definitely find them at sushi restaurants, but not so much on a conveyer belt.


All your nigiri and sushi roll selections will continuously pass by, but if you don’t see it or miss it, you can use the touch screen to order it straight from the kitchen. They offer small bite options as well which include gyoza, crispy squid legs, and soft shell crab tempura to name a few. We ordered a bowl of tonkotsu ramen to share as you can see.

There are two conveyer belts. The nigiri that goes around to every table is within eye level. There’s another belt that runs above it where the chefs will send your order straight to the table. It’s fun to watch them whiz by on their way to the person who ordered it.


Here is the ramen. It’s beautiful. I know what you’re wondering. How did it come out without spilling? The ramen bowl comes with a lid and then on top of it is this locking mechanism to keep the top on. I can report to you that the broth did not spill. This isn’t the best ramen out there, but it was still tasty. The chashu pork was my favorite part.


So here is some food porn for you. These are the nigiri that we chose from the conveyer belt. Salmon, unagi, sweet shrimp and squid were just some of the options we got. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the sushi rice at Kula was really good. Two thumbs up!


Look at how amazing the unagi nigiri looks. It’s not manufactured looking do you know what I mean? It was delicious.


This is the seared Hokkaido scallop with mayo. You don’t normally see this on a conveyer belt so of course I had to grab it. It was yummy. I didn’t take a picture of it, but there’s a slot at the end of the table where you slip your empty plates into. When you accumulate 15 plates a fun little cartoon shows up on the touch screen and tells you that you’ve won a prize. A red ball falls down into this plastic container underneath the screen and inside it was a little sushi pen.

We got three different types of desserts. Hokkaido Milk Cream Tart, sesame balls and Japanese Style Soy Milk Donuts. I was so busy trying to get a video of the order coming out from the kitchen that I did a poor job of taking food pictures. I’ll do better next time!! The tart was pretty good. It reminded me of creme brûlée. I didn’t have any of the sesame balls, but the soy milk donuts were amazing. Fried fluffy little balls of dough with vanilla ice cream and some kind of sweet syrup. You definitely need to get that one.

If you’ve never been to a conveyer belt sushi restaurant then I highly recommend this one. If you had a choice of restaurants then Kula should be at the top of your list! We are definitely going back.


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