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LA Burger – a Korean touch to an American classic

Do you like fusion cuisine? I’m kind of indifferent. I think it’s kind of faddy. If it’s done right fusion is really good. A great combination of completely different cuisines. When it’s done poorly it’s pretty dang bad. I’m a purist so fusion isn’t really for me. However, when it comes to LA Burger I have to say that the Korean-American mix works really well.

Inspired by the Korean-Mexican food truck scene in Los Angeles, the owners of LA Burger, decided to bring something similar to North Texas. Except they chose to do so through hamburgers.


There are 2 locations in North Texas:

  • 10045 North MacArthur Boulevard, Irving TX 75063
  • 1017 East Trinity Mills, Carrollton, TX 75007

Business Hours: Monday through Saturday 11am – 9pm. Closed on Sundays.


There’s a bar for those of you who like beer or liquor with your burger and fries. I was there for lunch so no alcohol for me. Just cola.


This is what LA Burger calls K Fries. Thin french fries topped with cheese sauce, bulgogi beef, kimchi and cilantro. The kimchi at LA Burger is not like the ones that you’ll find at a Korean restaurant. It’s slightly sweet and as strong as some can be. It almost tastes like bread and butter pickles, but tangier. Does that even make sense…? These fries are really savory and so tasty. Two thumbs up from me!


LA Burger has so many interesting burger combinations on their menu. One is this little number, the Cali Sunshine. There’s crispy bacon, egg over easy, and cheddar cheese with something they call homemade spread. I should have asked what the homemade spread consists of, but I didn’t. Investigative reporter, I am not. Anyway, I’ve never had a burger with egg before. It’s not something I craved. I want bacon though and the Cali Sunshine had it. I didn’t want to be a booger and ask them to take the egg off so I ordered it as is. Which is how it should be!


Look at this pretty picture. I like that the egg is slightly runny, which added amazing flavor. The Cali Sunshine delicious. My only complaint is that it was quite messy. I don’t see how it couldn’t be. It’s a big burger and there’s a lot going on. So it’s understandable that I had a hard time keeping it together. The bun was great on its own. It tasted like a dinner roll.


This bad boy is the signature burger. The LA Burger. As you can see there’s the egg over easy, but what you may not have noticed right away is the kimchi. Kimchi on a hamburger!!! Kimchi goes surprisingly well with hamburgers, because it pretty much takes the place of pickles. It just has more of a kick.


Here’s another look at the LA Burger from a different angle. Gorgeous, isn’t it?


I know that there are so many choices out there in terms of hamburgers. In particular North Texas. I highly recommend LA Burger to you if you haven’t already had the pleasure. It’s really good and offers a unique twist that no other burger joint has. You can add kimchi to any of the burgers on the menu in case the one you fancy doesn’t come with it. The staff is super friendly and ready to assist you with any questions that may have. So if you’re in Carrollton or Irving and you like hamburgers, give LA Burger a try.

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