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Mi Cocina

Hello everyone. It’s been a while. I’ve been incredibly LAZY. I’ve eaten plenty, however all I’ve wanted to do is sleep and read trashy novels. That’s okay, right? Anyway, it’s already May and I haven’t posted anything this month so today is the day. I owe it to my faithful readers to try and post regularly. 😉

Anyway, I am not someone who typically craves Mexican food. Blasphemous, I know, since I live where there’s a Tex-Mex restaurant on every street corner. Perhaps, it’s the Asian in me. I crave all kinds of Asian food day in and day out, but not so much Mexican. My favorite Mexican restaurant is Taco Bueno if that helps explain things.

Bria was thrilled when I suggested we go to Mi Cocina last week. I had a craving for brisket tacos and she was all for it.

Now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever had real Mexican food. I’m pretty sure I’ve only had Tex-Mex and I can’t even tell you what the difference between the two is.


Mi Cocina is a fancy schmancy Tex-Mex restaurant. Pretty, isn’t it? At this location in Plano there’s a second level and a patio. We were pretty much the first people in the restaurant for lunch. I’ve mentioned this before. We like to eat early!


If you come to Mi Cocina you are probably going to pay over $10 dollars for your meal. Some of their dishes are expensive, but they do have reasonably priced dishes as well. I just happen to always want the ones that costs a lot!


A Tex-Mex restaurant wouldn’t be Tex-Mex if there wasn’t chips and salsa. They have really good salsa here. The chips were pretty thick which was nice.


This is their Queso Blanco. It was sooooo good!!!! Even though it started to get that skin from cooling down, it was still pretty hot underneath. There were pieces of ground beef in it as well.

I have a weakness for cheese. I really shouldn’t even eat it though, because I’m lactose intolerant…


Bria ordered the Flautitas de Pollo (chicken flautas) to share as an appetizer. The chicken was flavorful and the corn tortilla wrapping was super crispy. The little accompaniment of salad with crema was my guilty pleasure though. I know it’s almost like garnish, but it was good. It’s the crema.


Allan is still on his veggie diet so he ordered the Enchiladas Moderno (spinach enchiladas) with Latin stir fry. I believe it comes wrapped in flour tortillas normally. I say this, because Allan requested corn tortillas instead. I had a bite of this and it was okay. I’m not an all veggie all the time kind of girl so this is not something that I would order.


Bria ordered the Vegetarian Tamale with roasted poblanos, mushrooms, fried onions and instead of the ranchero sauce that comes with it, she requested the poblano cream sauce. As I mentioned above, I wouldn’t normally order vegetarian dishes. However, I would definitely order this one. This dish was AMAZING. The masa for this tamale was to die for. It had a sweet flavor to it that reminded me of creamed corn. I love creamed corn.


Instead of being stuffed in the masa, the vegetables were piled on top. I really liked Bria’s choice of poblano cream sauce. I’m sure it’s great with the ranchero sauce, but the poblano cream is what helps make this dish for me. They also seasoned the vegetables really well. The mushrooms were SO GOOD!


So here is the reason why I wanted Mi Cocina. Tacos “De Brisket”. Beautiful, isn’t it? Corn tortillas filled with shredded brisket, queso blanco, and grilled onions and poblano peppers. There’s a side of salad, sliced avocado and a lime and cilantro rice. I usually order this dish with flour tortillas instead of the corn. I am not a fan of corn tortillas, but I hadn’t been to Mi Cocina in a while and totally forgot that I normally switch out the corn for the flour. Oh well. I knew there was a reason why when I took a bite I thought something was off…

The brisket is oven roasted overnight and it’s incredibly juicy. I could just eat the brisket alone it’s so good. The rice is also amazing. You can definitely taste the cilantro and lime. This is pretty much the perfect dish. Everything on this plate works so well together.

Anyway, I know that you have your choice of Tex-Mex restaurants in North Texas. They’re practically everywhere. But if you’re looking for an upscale experience for a romantic date or a nice meal with friends, I recommend Mi Cocina. They have a great menu with plenty of options to suit everyone’s preference. Just be prepared to pay a little more than you normally would for Tex-Mex.

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