I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Moules en Sauce au Vin Blanc at Bonnie Ruth’s

Bria and I had lunch at Bonnie Ruth’s last week. Bonnie Ruth’s is this French cafe and patisserie that is known for their amazing desserts. We weren’t there for sweets, but Bria did order a slice of their carrot cake to go. She has been wanting mussels for a while now and fortunately Bonnie Ruth’s has two different options on their menu. There’s a tomato base option and a white wine option. We decided on the Moules en Sauce au Vin Blanc. Twelves perfect looking mussels that are swimming in lemon butter white wine garlic sauce and topped off with tomato confit and grilled garlic bread.


As you can see the moules or mussels come in a cast iron skillet. It was super hot so if you order this make sure you don’t touch the skillet! You are given tiny forks to eat the mussels with, but you could always use an empty shell as little tongs as well. The mussels were cooked to perfection. They were tender and full of flavor from the sauce. The tomato confit added a wonderful sweet and tart contrast to the entire dish.

img_0394.jpgI’m not normally a bread person, but the toasted garlic bread drenched in that white wine sauce was delicious. You can make a great meal out of just the garlic bread and the sauce. Bria and I ordered this dish as an appetizer, but I have to tell you I was more impressed with this than what I had for lunch. I would definitely order this again, but instead of an appetizer I think I’ll just make this my entree.

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