I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

No. 9 White Ham Sub

There’s this little banh mi sandwich shop in Garland that I can’t help stop at whenever I’m in the area. It doesn’t even matter if I’m hungry or not. I have to stop and get some sandwiches. There’s nothing special about the outside of the shop, but a lot of magic that happens inside. Quoc Bao Bakery makes the best banh mi sandwiches. I’ve had a lot of Vietnamese sandwiches and this place makes the best ones.


I always order the number nine, white ham sub. It’s made with Vietnamese pork roll or white ham and pate. You have the normal accompaniments of pickled veggies and mayo which rounds it out nicely. I started out favoring the number one which is barbecue pork, ham, white ham and pate. At Quoc Bao if you order three sandwiches you get one for free. One day I ordered three number ones and decided to try the number nine. It was a happy accident. I made a great decision. I don’t even order the number one anymore. This is how much I like this baby.


The chả lụa or Vietnamese pork roll is seasoned meat paste that is boiled in banana leaves. It has a real subtle flavor that’s hard to explain. The texture is the same as cold cuts. Thailand has a version of this which is probably why I like it so much.


I’m not sure what type of pate this shop uses. Whether it’s pork or chicken, but I really like the way they make it. Their mayo is also amazing. It’s made with lard which is not great for my cholesterol, but it sure is tasty. If they had a banh mi with just baguette, pate and mayo with nothing else I would order it every single time. Look at it oozing out of this sandwich!


The best part of any banh mi has to be the bread. It has to be crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside. The baguettes at Quoc Bao, which a lot of people buy is the best. I’ve only gotten banh mi there, but I really should try just the baguette. You can dip it in soup or sweetened condensed milk, which I like to do with bread.

If you haven’t tried banh mi then you are missing out. It’s kind of hit or miss with some of the sandwich shops so if you get one that’s no bueno don’t give up. Keep trying and if you’re in south Garland then you should try Quoc Bao’s.

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