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Soy Sauce Egg Yolks

I have this habit of watching cooking channels on YouTube real late at night. One night in particular I came across a Japanese cook who did a video on soy sauce egg yolks. This was his take on tamago kake gohan, which is raw egg on top of or mixed into cooked rice. Soy sauce is optional. I’ve read that this is a common dish in Japan.

Anyway, like I mentioned above, this Japanese cook made a video on how to marinate egg yolks in soy sauce for his version of tamago kake gohan. It looked so weird and cool that I had to give it a try.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook then you’ve seen the first couple of pictures. A few of you have already asked me how it turned out and I’m going to reveal the results at the end of this post.


So, Sunday evening, I took 2 egg yolks and marinated them in 2 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of mirin. I covered it in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to marinate. The video said you could marinade for 6 hours or 2 days.


This is what the egg yolks look like after a little over 15 hours of marination. The texture of the yolks have changed. They’re more solid than liquid.


This is what the yolks look like after 2 days and 2 nights of marinating. It kind of reminds me of the egg yolks in Chinese moon cakes. Well, without the pool of soy sauce.


The egg yolk is firm, but is still slightly runny.


After hours of trying to decide how I was going to cook the egg yolks, I decided to eat it the way that the cook intended. I ate it by putting it on cooked rice. I was kind of hoping it tasted like salted duck eggs, but it didn’t. The soy sauce added the saltiness, but the mirin gave it a sweetness that I could have done without. I didn’t mind the consistency and texture. I prefer my eggs runny so I was fine with it. The taste was just not for me.

It actually reminded me of how Thai people eat fried eggs. In case you are wondering, we eat fried eggs with dashes of soy sauce and ketchup. A mix of salty and sweet.

I don’t think tamago kake gohan is for me so I can’t say that I will make this again. However, if you guys want to give it a try – do it! You should try something at least once.

Also, in case you’re interested in checking out the video that inspired this experiment, I’ve included it below.

UPDATE – 3/19/2014: I tried this with a hard boiled egg (peel off the shell and marinade in soy sauce) and I like that a whole lot better.

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