I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Seafood from Phuket

My parents are in Thailand at the moment. They go back to the motherland once a year to visit friends and family. I’m not here to talk about their trip though. I’m here to show you the meal that they had in Phuket. A meal that I’m completely jealous of, because you can’t find these types of dishes in North Texas.


These are cockles. They’re my absolute favorite type of clam. I haven’t had fresh ones in a very long time. There’s not a lot of fresh seafood in North Texas. You can get frozen ones at Asian markets, but there’s nothing like fresh seafood straight out of the ocean. The cockles in this picture look like they were steamed, but Thais also do a version that’s chargrilled. I like chargrilled shellfish a lot (oysters are badass), but I’ll take cockles anyway that I can get them.

I really like this one type of cockle called, blood cockles. I know right? It sounds awful. There’s reddish liquid inside the shell that makes it appear like blood. It doesn’t taste bloody though. It’s just visually intimidating. Anyway, blood cockles may not be for everyone, but I do recommend that you at least give the regular ones a try.


This is a crab salad. Shell and all. There are lots of herbs and aromatics in this dish. If I’m not mistaken there appears to be lemongrass, mint, kafir lime leaves, shallots, Thai chilies, crab, fish sauce and limes. I can’t see the fish sauce and lime, but those are the main ingredients of Thai salads so I just know. I’ve never had this dish before, but I want some!!!


This is what’s called pla ma now or “lime fish”. The fish is steamed sea bass. The sauce is made of lime juice, fish sauce, garlic, cilantro and Thai chilies. It’s pretty isn’t it? All the colors going on is like confetti. Well don’t be fooled! Thai chilies are damn spicy and this dish burns. BURNS! I don’t have to taste it to know that your mouth will be on fire after one bite. Unlike my mother who can handle all the chilies, I will usually scrap them off before eating.

So, I hope you enjoyed these Thai delicacies that I’ve shared today. I wish I had taken the pictures myself (and got to eat it), but this is just as good. I love food pictures and I’m delighted mom took the time to share.

Have a good week!!!

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