I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

See you later Tom!

Our good friend Tom retired last week. I hate that we won’t be seeing Tom at work any more, but hopefully we gave him a proper send off! A bunch of us took Tom to Hutchin’s for lunch. Nothing like good ol’ Texas barbecue for this group. I didn’t eat breakfast so I could have room for this.


As you can see from this picture everyone really enjoys the food at Hutchin’s. Despite this picture there were ladies at this lunch. They were sitting on the other side of the table.


The goal was only to get two meats, but I couldn’t decide so I got these three. A quarter pound each of marbled brisket, smoked chicken and cheddar jalapeño sausage. I can’t ever pass up the macaroni and cheese and broccoli salad so that rounded out my meal. The sausage was my favorite. It was so juicy and full of flavor. I didn’t finish everything and had to box most of it up for later.


Look at this great looking group of kids. So glad that the popular kids let me hang out with them.


Thanks for everything Tom! We’ll miss you. Please come visit us soon.

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