I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

Soft Shell Crab Woonsen

I don’t normally eat at Thai restaurants. I mean, why would I? I get the real deal all the time at home.

However there is one Thai restaurant that I would pay to eat at. Noodle Wave. I met my friend, Nikki, at their Richardson location for lunch last weekendend. I wanted to order a dish that I’ve never had before or one that I normally don’t get to eat.

Noodle Wave has Southern Thai food so there was lots to choose from. My family is from Central Thailand so I don’t get southern fare very much or at all.

There was one dish on the menu that immediately caught my eye. The Soft Shell Crab Woonsen. It’s a little pricey at $13.95. The dish consists of glass noodles stir fried with crab meat, bean sprouts and scallions. It’s then topped with a tempura soft shell crab. You can choose your spiciness level. You choose from 1 to 4. I went with 2. Let’s not get crazy.


Look at how pretty this dish is. The colors are so eye catching. That’s a nice size crab, don’t you think?


The glass noodles are so much fun to eat. The texture is delicate yet chewy at the same time. There were large pieces of crab meat throughout the dish. Which was nice. Sometimes you order a crab dish and there’s barely any crab. You know what I mean?

I cut the tempura soft shell crab into bite size pieces and mixed it in with my noodles. The tempura batter on the crab was really well seasoned. It added another layer of flavor. It was so good!!!!

Noodle Wave has 3 locations. The original restaurant is located in Richardson. It’s always packed! There is also one in McKinney and now one in Frisco. Yay!

So, if you’re looking for something different and you like Thai food and crab, I highly recommend the Soft Shell Crab Woonsen at Noodle Wave.

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