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Some of My Favorite Foodies

If you are anything like me then you probably spend hours on YouTube watching a bunch of vlogs on food. So many times while laying in bed I watch a bunch of foodie videos before falling asleep. I’m pretty much an addict. I love watching food through other people’s experiences. It’s so much fun.

So, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite YouTubers. I spend countless hours devouring their posts. Some are more produced than others, but they’re all really amazing videos.

Let’s check out the favs below!

Mark Wiens – Migrationology

I’ve mentioned Mark in a previous post so of course he would end up on my list of favorites. He has the most amazing food and travel blog called Migrationology. I don’t go to his blog as much as I do his YouTube channel though. There’s just something about watching him eat Asian food that makes me happy inside. He travels all over Asia eating and sharing amazing cuisine. Even though he lives in Bangkok he spent two weeks traveling throughout the capital this past December documenting the sights and food. It was amazing to watch each episode. Even though Ive been to Bangkok many times there are many places that I haven’t ever visited.

Helen’s Recipe’s (Vietnamese Food)

I started watching Helen’s Recipes a few years ago. At the time she was studying in Germany and would post Vietnamese cooking shows from her small kitchen. I love listening to her as she shows you how to make all kinds of yummy Vietnamese food. She has such a calming personality and makes every recipe look so easy. She has since moved back to Vietnam and has fresh ingredients readily available for her episodes. It’s fun to see ingredients that you’re not familiar with. There’s this roast pork recipe of hers that I’ve been meaning to try. I should totally do it!

Eat Your Kimchi

When I was going through my K-Pop phase I came across a blog called Eat Your Kimchi where two Canadians who were living in Korea would post videos on K-Pop and their lives in the Land of Morning Calm. They had video segments called WANK (Wonderful Adventure Now Korea) and FAPFAP (Food Adventure Program For Awesome People) that I absolutely adored. They would take you all around Korea in their WANK videos and it was fun to see how people on that side of the world live. FAPFAPs as you can probably guess were my favorite. I could not get enough of the food porn!! Anyway, after spending almost 9 years in Korea Simon and Martina packed it up and moved to Tokyo, Japan. Although their blog is still called Eat Your Kimchi I cannot wait to watch their new Japanese FAPFAPs!!!


Maangchi is the cutest Korean lady on YouTube who teaches you about and how to cook Korean food. She has a blog where she posts the full recipes for everything that you see on her YouTube channel. She has a great sense of humor and makes me laugh quite a bit. She lives in New York City and you get a great view of it from her kitchen window when you watch her videos. Maangchi likes to wear these head pieces sometimes and whether it’s feathers or a fancy headband you can’t help but like her.

There are so many other foodies that I subscribed to, but I just wanted to share with you some of my favorites. You should definitely check them out. The food that you see in videos alone will make you fall in love. If you have food channels that you enjoy, please let me know in the comments below.

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