I just don’t want to look back and think “I could have eaten that.”

The Best Carbonara Ever!

My co-worker John and I met our ex co-worker, Holly, for lunch a couple of weeks ago. We met halfway between our offices at an Italian restaurant that I had never been to before called, Princi Italia

The restaurant is modern and elegant without being overdone. If I had a restaurant I would want it designed and decorated like this one. 

Our waiter was this really nice, older Italian gentleman. I could not get enough of his accent. He told us that all the pasta was made in house which was really exciting to me. 

As you can see from the menu Princi Italia is pricey. Unlike a lot of Italian restaurants that you may be used to you do not get complimentary bread. If you want bread with your meal you will need to order it. 
This is their gorgeous pizza oven. I had to take a picture of it and share. 
John ordered the Orecchiette pasta with housemade sausage, rapini (aka broccoli rabe), chilies and Parmesan. This dish was dressed with extra virgin olive oil. I have a recipe that is similar to this, but it calls for basil pesto sauce instead. I will have to share it with you sometime. 

Although I kept eyeballing this dish on the menu I decided to go with another dish that caught my eye from the start. 

I ordered the Casarecce Carbonara. This dish had pancetta bacon, garlic, mascarpone, peas, egg, parsley and shaved Parmesan. 

Now I love me some carbonara. I’ve tried to make it at home a couple of times and it never turns out. At restaurants it’s hit or miss a lot of times for me. Mostly it’s miss. 

Some restaurants will have the soft boiled egg in the dish for you to break open over the pasta, but as you can see this version was already mixed in. I don’t know if I have a preference. Bria likes the runny egg yolk version. 

The carbonara at Princi Italia was AMAZING. I loved every single bite. The sauce was creamy goodness and the Casarecce pasta was perfection. The pancetta bacon provided a terrific salty and smoky contrast to the cream sauce. I don’t really like peas, but it works in this dish. 

I was pleasantly full, but not stuffed when I was done with my meal. Unlike other Italian restaurants the portions are not large. They’re actually small by American standards. I’ve never been to Italy, but perhaps that’s the serving size there. It was fine for me, but John needed a chocolate shake from Sonic on the way back to the office. Holly ordered the ravioli and she was still hungry after. Her serving was even smaller than John and mine. I think if there had been bread it would have been the right amount of food. Perhaps that was their lunch portion size. 

I would definitely visit Princi Italia again. There are a few items on their menu that I would love to try. I should go back for dinner. Their dinner menu has additional items that look amazing. 

So, if you like carbonara I recommend that you try Princi Italia’s Casarecce Carbonara!

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