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The Parisian Benedict

Are you familiar with The Egg & I? It’s kind of like IHOP in that it’s a franchise and it serves breakfast and lunch, but it has a more mom and pop feel to it. It also doesn’t have the same hours of operation as IHOP does so don’t think you’re going to get to have pancakes for dinner. Anyway, last weekend I had an opportunity to have breakfast at a location that just opened near my house. It was really busy. I think now a days people like the idea of a big breakfast, but don’t really have the time or patience to make it. This is why places like The Egg & I are so great. You have a bunch of options to choose from, you don’t have to cook and better yet you don’t have to clean!

Today’s post is a show and tell of what I had for breakfast at The Egg & I. No restaurant review today folks. Sorry.

You don’t realize how many breakfast options there really are until you’re sitting at a restaurant looking at their menu and feeling overwhelmed. There was so much to choose from. Eggs (of course) in all forms, pancakes, waffles and so much more. It was hard trying to decide, but there was one item on the menu that I kept coming back to. The Parisian Benedict!!


A buttery croissant half layered with shaved ham, sautéed portabella mushrooms and melted Swiss cheese. Topped with two poached eggs, hollandaise sauce and green onions.

Isn’t the gorgeous? Doesn’t that description just make you all tingly? It’s eggs benedict and croque monsieur all wrapped up in one dish. I love all the ingredients. I LOVE that they use a croissant instead of english muffins. It’s not that I’m not a fan of english muffins, I am. I just love the croissant a little bit more.

When they say that the croissant is buttery, they weren’t joking. It was buttery, flaky, soft and chewy. All those yummy things. The shaved ham was slightly salty which added a nice flavor. The melted swiss cheese with the sautéed portabella mushrooms were amazing! I love mushrooms. Especially with meat and cheese. That’s the best combination.

Runny eggs are also favorite. So having poached eggs in addition to everything else that’s going on with this dish made it over the top. The Hollandaise sauce though with it’s creamy, tanginess knocked it out of the park. Did I already say amazing?

Damn this dish was good! I can’t remember how much this was, but for some reason $10-ish is coming to mind. It’s kind of pricey, but if you’re craving breakfast and you love eggs benedict and croque monsieur, I recommend you give the Parisian Benedict at The Egg & I a go!!!

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