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Yama Izakaya & Sushi

Hello people. It’s been a while. I’m not even going to give you an excuse. I’ve been eating (a lot…), but I just haven’t been into posting about it. I won’t promise to do better, because I’ve done that before and then you don’t hear from me for months. So while I’m feeling posty let’s look at some food pictures from Yama Izakaya & Sushi.

There are two locations in North Texas. One in Dallas and the newest one in Plano. Thank goodness for the one in Plano. It’s close by!!! The first location is called Yama Sushi and the second is Yama Izakaya & Sushi. I’m not sure why they have different names. Their menu is pretty much the same. Unless the names are the same and I’m just remedial…

Ever since I had yakitori (skewered food) at Sushi Robata (pictures from that dinner to come) I’ve been obsessed with ordering this when it’s on the menu


This is the quail eggs yakitori. The eggs were lightly grilled and slathered with a sweet soy sauce. I love quail eggs so this was a favorite. Recommend!


This is pork cheeks yakitori. It tasted a little like bacon. It was sprinkled liberally with what I assume is kosher salt. Some bites were saltier than others, but overall it was delicious.


This yakitori if you can’t tell from looking at it are chicken hearts. Eek! I know. My siblings like them, but I wouldn’t order it if I was on my own. It doesn’t taste bad. It’s just kind of chewy to me.


This is chicken liver which happens to be one of my favorites. I love how it’s grilled and has this sweet soy sauce glaze over it.


These are beef tongue. If you haven’t had beef tongue before you’re probably thinking gross. It’s really not. It tastes like really tender beef. You should definitely give it a go if you haven’t already. This was really good. It had a sauce on it, but it was very light and not over powering. It’s what I call yakitori sauce which is probably some form of sweetened soy sauce.


Last of the yakitori order were the bacon wrapped scallops. I don’t think I need to say more than that, do I?


I had to order the takoyaki. It was so good! They give you a good amount of tako (octopus) in the takoyaki, which was a pleasant surprise. Some places are skimpy on it. The Japanese mayo was on the side which was nice. You could add as much as you like to your bite.


We also had to order the Okinomiyaki. You had a choice of seafood or pork. We opted for seafood. It was amazing.


This is the wagyu beef tataki. There’s thinly sliced red onions underneath the beef and a side of ponzu sauce. Initially we were dipping the beef into the small bowl of ponzu, but then we got smart and just poured the sauce over the tataki. I didn’t eat the onions at first, but then when I did the flavor combination was to die for. You really should eat a dish the way the chef intended you to. They know what they’re doing!


This little baby was super weird, but I HAD to try it. It’s the tako wasa, which is chopped up raw octopus marinated in wasabi. It was really tasty. Raw octopus doesn’t really have a taste to it (to me anyway), but the texture is what may weird some people out. The wasabi was not too strong. You could definitely taste it though. There was a salty element to the dish, but I’m not sure if it was soy sauce or what. If you’re feeling brave ORDER THIS!


This little nugget is called Shirokara which can be made out of small marine animals (I read that on the net) fermented in salt and viscera. Well, if that doesn’t make you want to try it I don’t know what will.

It’s really fishy and salty. It’s not a taste most Americans would enjoy. It’s smell and taste is pretty strong. Not necessarily rotten, but it’s not fresh either. It’s slimy and just doesn’t appear appetizing to those who are not familiar. It’s what you would expect to see on one of Buzzfeed’s Americans Eat Weird Asian Foods videos. You can imagine the facial expressions.


Our waiter recommended the fried chicken gizzards. These were pretty tasty. You got a side of Sriracha to dip it in. They give you a lot. We didn’t finish it, but took it home and shared with the fur babies.


This is chicken karaage or Japanese chicken nuggets. They were piping hot and tasty. They appear to be lightly battered or floured. Either way it was extremely well seasoned.


You know how I feel about squid (Ika) nigiri. I had to order it. It was yummy!


This is whelk clam nigiri, which I’ve never seen before on a sushi menu. Which meant I had to order it. The menu called it “whelk clam”, but isn’t whelk a type of sea snail? Anyway, it was really good. Like squid and octopus (ika and tako) there’s not a real strong flavor. It’s firmer than squid, but not as chewy as octopus. I would order this one again.


Here’s a picture of the tonkatsu ramen. Doesn’t that just look amazing? I didn’t order this, but I got to taste the broth which was delicious! It was really creamy. The only drawback may be the addition of the shredded pickled ginger. If you’re not a fan of ginger you’re not going to like that it sweated in your bowl of ramen goodness.


This is the spicy ramen in case you couldn’t tell by the fiery red chilis innocently sitting on top of the sliced pork. Doesn’t that egg look terrific??? I’ve been trying to get my soft boiled eggs to look like that, but I can’t ever get it right. I was told the spiciness kind of overpowered the dish. So I guess they’re not lying when they call it spicy ramen.


This is the Yama Ramen which is their house special. The broth is not as creamy or fast (let’s just be honest) as the tonkatsu ramen. The toppings consist of pork belly, bamboo slices, green onions and a gooey egg. I like the gooey egg that’s in this ramen better than the fully cooked one in the tonkatsu. The noodles in this ramen is also different. It’s kind of a kinky noodle where the other one is like thick spaghetti.


Last but not least is the dish that I ordered. Katsu Curry. Thinly panko breaded pork cutlet that’s fried to golden perfection with rice and Japanese curry. This dish was so good. I’m getting hungry just looking at it. I ended up mixing some of the pickled ginger in with each bite and it was actually really good. I highly recommend this dish.

So that’s all folks. I hope I didn’t make you hungry. If I did then you should go by Yama Izakaya in Plano. They’re open until 2AM!

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